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CTS Job Placement Paper


CTS Placement Paper 1

CTS Placement Paper 2

CTS Placement Paper 3

CTS Placement Paper 4

CTS Placement Paper 5

CTS Placement Paper 6

CTS Placement Paper 7

CTS Placement Paper 8

CTS Placement Paper 9

CTS Placement Paper 10

CTS Placement Paper 11

CTS Placement Paper 12

CTS Placement Paper 13


CTS-Interview Questions

CTS-Sample Paper 1

CTS-Sample Paper 2

CTS-Sample Paper 3

CTS-Sample Paper 4

CTS-Sample Paper 5

CTS-Sample Paper 6

CTS-Sample Paper 7

CTS-Sample Paper 8

CTS-Sample Paper 9

CTS-Sample Paper 10

CTS-Sample Paper 11

CTS-Sample Paper 12

CTS-Sample Paper 13

CTS-Sample Paper 14

CTS-Sample Paper 15

CTS-Sample Paper 16

CTS-Sample Paper 17

CTS-Sample Paper 18

CTS-Sample Paper 19

CTS-Sample Paper 20

CTS-Sample Paper 21

CTS-Sample Paper 22

CTS-Sample Paper 23

CTS-Sample Paper 24

CTS-Sample Paper 25



CTS-16 Dec.(Pune)

CTS-20 Dec.(Chennai)

CTS-10 Dec.

CTS-03 Dec. (Secundrabad)

CTS-03 Dec., (Hyderabad)

CTS-02 Dec. (Kolkata)

CTS-26 Nov.(Bangalore)

CTS-25 Nov.(Secundrabad)

CTS-25 Nov.(Hyderabad)

CTS-21 Nov.

CTS-19 Nov. (Hyderabad)

CTS-15 Nov.

CTS-04 Nov. (Hyderabad)

CTS-03 Nov. (Salem)

CTS-03 Nov.(Hyderabad)

CTS-31 Oct. (Chittoor)

CTS-31 Oct. (Hyderabad)

CTS-29 Oct.

CTS- 29 Oct.(Chennai)

CTS-28 Oct. (Chennai)

CTS-21 Oct. (Kolkata)

CTS-20 Sep. (Trichy)

CTS-02 Sep.

CTS-01 Sep. (Bijapur)

CTS-29 August (Kolhapur)

CTS-20 August

CTS-19 August (cochin)

CTS-20 August (Trivandrum)

CTS-27 July (Kanpur)

CTS-02 August (Hyderabad)

CTS-17 August (Hyderabad)

CTS-11 July (Durgapur)

CTS-25 July (Hyderabad)

CTS-01 July (Visakhapatnam)

CTS-14 June (Kakinada)

CTS-03 July (Chennai)

CTS-09 April (Coimbatore)

CTS-29 Jan. (Chennai)

CTS-08 April (Kolkata)

CTS-08 April (Kolkata)

CTS-08 April (coimbatore)

CTS-25 March

CTS-07 Jan.(Kolkata)


CTS-01 August

CTS-01 Nov.

CTS-03 Feb. (EKM)

CTS-03 Feb. (Kolkata)

CTS-03 Feb. (Khideerpur)

CTS-03 July

CTS-03 March

CTS-04 Jan.(Kolkata)

CTS-04 July

CTS-04 March (West Bengal)

CTS-05 March

CTS-06 Jan. (Hyderabad)

CTS-06 June (Pune)

CTS-06 July (Chennai)

CTS-06 June (coimbatore)

CTS-06 March (Nanded)

CTS-06 March (Saltlakecity)

CTS-07 Jan. (Hyderabad)

CTS-07 March (Kolkata)

CTS-08 July (NIT Raipur)

CTS-08 March (Faridabad)

CTS-09 April (Tamilnadu)

CTS-09 July (Mumbai)

CTS- 09 June (Vijaywada)

CTS-09 March (Kolkata)

CTS-10 April (Kolkata)

CTS-10 June (Vellore)

CTS-10 March (BIT, Durg)

CTS-11 April (Bangalore)

CTS-11 June (Manipal)

CTS-11 June (Vellore)

CTS-12 April

CTS-12 March

CTS-12 May (Ahemdabad)

CTS-13 Jan. (Pune)

CTS-14 July (Visakhapatnam)

CTS-14 July (Vizag)

CTS-14 June

CTS-15 April

CTS-15 June (coimbatore)

CTS-15 March (Durgapur)

CTS-17 July (Kurukshetra)

CTS-17 March (Ernakulam)

CTS-19 Feb.

CTS-20 June

CTS-20 June (Ananthapur)

CTS-20 June (Tamilnadu)

CTS-20 March (Ahmedabad)

CTS-20 March (G. Interview)

CTS-21 Feb.

CTS-21 Jan. (Secundrabad)

CTS-21 June (C. Experience)

CTS-21 June (S.U)

CTS-25 Jan. (Secundrabad)

CTS-25 June (Hyderabad)

CTS-29 June (Pune)

CTS-Aptitude Test


CTS-12 Sep.(Virudhnagar)

CTS-02 July(Aurangabad)

CTS-16 July

CTS-18 June

CTS-03 April

CTS-03 March (Kalyani)

CTS-06 March (Kolkata)

CTS-07 Feb. (Aurangabad)

CTS-11 March (thirunelveli)

CTS-21 March(Sangli)

CTS-25 Feb.(Kolkata)





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