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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 3 December 2006
Test Location : Hyderabad


hi friends,

iam madhurima
i would llike to thank the people who contributed papers which were helpful i took the exam on 3rd dec and was selected for the interview
my interview was cooooooooooooooooooooooool i would like to give u my interview questions there was only one person a the start but another joined in between so take care in wishing him

me: good morning sir
int: good morning madhurima can u tell me about urself
me :told
int :wat did u do in ur coll
me :told about my project (he was indirectly asking me about that only)
int: asked me about team size and details
me :i gave him
and another person (hr) joined us
i greeted him
int: software knowledge
me: c and datastructures (i mentioned in my application form)
int : difference between dynamic allocation and static allocation
me: told
int: binary searching
me: he gave me a paper and asked me to explain above i did
int : linked list do u have any idea
me: yes sir i explained single linked list ,doble linked list ,circular list
int: explain insertion in doublelinked list
me: explained
int: some project related questions
me: explained
int: real time application of my project
me: explained
int : some questions on searching
me: blah blah as iam not perfect i told something to cover those
int: smiled and asked do u have any questions
me: some questions about cts
int: he smiled and answered
me: thanku sir
thats allllllllllllllllllll finished my interview iam waiting for my results plz pray for me t u can do it if u have confidance and basic knowledge in courses u have mentioned in ur application form

All the best


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