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CTS Job Placement Paper


Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 3 February 2007
Test Location : ST. Thomas Engg. College,Khideerpur


Written Test of CTS comprises of three sections. There is no negative marking in each section. Total marks=70,Time=75mins.

A) English & Verbal Section

Find out incorrect sentence (Five Questions)

Find out correct sentence (Five Questions) (20MINS-25 QUESTIONS)

Arranging the jumbled sentence (Five Questions)

Two Comprehension Passage (Ten Questions from two long passage)


5 on Venn Diagrams

5 questions on Coded Relation. (Suppose , A+B means A is the son of B;A-B means A is the wife of B; A*B means A is the brother of B; Then what does P+R-Q mean or what does D*F-E means……just this type of questions .Refer Aggarwal Book ,page No. 237)

5 on Data Sufficiency problems ( Refer to R.S. Aggarwal page No.495

5 on Decimal to Binary Number conversion (Say, $=1,*=0 then find the value of 342 or Find the LCM of 12,15,18 or find the sum of $$** + *$$$ ……etc very simple)

5 on Cubes (How many cubes r one face coloured , two face coloured , Three face coloured ,and no face coloured etc)


7-8 Questions from Odd figure out(4 figures are given. Choose the odd figure)

2 Questions from pick out the next figure(3 figures r given. find the fourth)

4 Questions from logical deduction. ( 20 mins -20 questions)

3 question from puzzle

For the Section “ C ” go through Aggarwal book (Verbal & Nonverbal)

I appeared in written Test on 3rd Feb, out of 1200(Approx) 383 have cleared the test. I have appeared the Tech & HR on 5th Feb at Saltlake Techno India Campus.

Technical Interview:

One man interrogated me for around 15 mins .He was very much Friendly & Cordial.

Asked questions from C like Malloc & Calloc, Distinguish between two.

Then some query from Database like diff between primary key & Unique key, Foreign key , Normalisation ,RDMS etc.

Then he drew a Relation (Table), asked to write queries on it.

He also asked me What is the current score of Ranji Final match between Bengal & Mumbai. I told him about Previous day’s score.

HR Interview:
Everyone who has cleared the Tech. Interview was asked 2 questions.

One is What r u doing now?

Another is , can u join Tomorrow in CTS ?

Finally , Result was published on 6th Feb in CTS website.167 candidates finally selected. I was one of them.

Dont be so excited.Just appear the interview with confidence.Prepare yourself (About Subjects or Language) what you have mentioned in the CTS application Form.

................... Best of Luck for the future Aspirant.............

Pranab Kr. Bhattacharjee


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