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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 6 July 2007
Test Location : SRM University, Chennai


Hi Guys.... Sumit here.... Got into Cognizant. Dont worry.... They are very decent people. Ok..... .Let me tell u the pattern for Aptitude.
Aptitude consisted of:(,Questions ll easy but,Time management s more imp)

Analytical Section:
Cubes related questions are very important.
Venn diagram questions(easy)
Binary decimal conversion probs (very easy nd scoring)

Verbal Section: (too tough but dont worry cut off ll be low)
Find out the incorrect sentence F
ind out the correct sentence Passages(i didnt get time for ths section)
You need to have good vocabulary for the verbal section

Logical Section: This was the most easiest of all. You can definitely score in this section
Find the odd man out(very easy nd scoring)
Analogy of figures (Simple)
then questions like some man are women all women are dog (kind of prob,refer R S Agarwal) -> Just find out the appropriate sentence which gives out the best meaning.
And finally there was a word problem. Quite Easy!!!!!!

Note: no negative marking scheme..Out of 1260 only 612 people wer shortlisted: Interview:(next day,but i waited for more than 6 hours for tht)

The person who took my interview was very cool. He made me comfortable:
Me:Good morning Sir
He:Good morning.
He: Tell me about urself
Me: blah blah
He: hobbies
Me: Answered
He: So u are from IT?
Me: Yes Sir
He: Wats ur Area of Interest?
Me: Programming language C#.net.
He: Wat do u mean by DotNet Framework?
Me: : Answered
He: Can have ur mark sheets
Me: Sure sir (Then he looked my grades)
He: Wat are all the labs u had in last 3 yrs?
Me: Answered
He:Wat s web technology?
Me: Answered
He: What is RDBMS?
Me: Answered
He: Wat have u done in RDBMS lab?
Me: Answered
He: Wat r all ur interest other than Academics?
Me: Answered
He: have u ever participates in sports events?
Me: No sir,but i like to play cricket wth ma friends .
He: have u ever participates in Culturals?
Me:No sir.
He:Wats happenin in IT industry for tht wat do u do....any IT books or internet?
Me: Internet.
He: Did u read newspaper?
Me: yes sir then he ask me 2 GK questions.i answered only one correctly.
He: Wat do u do in free time?
Me: Cricket and programming...i love programming.
He: So wat programs hav u made?
Me: i explained my Games which i made.
He: Which language u used for tht?
Me: C#.net
He Did u presented these games anywhere?
Me: No sir,its my hobby.i do it for my self.never think about presenting somewhere.
He:U should present,,its good.
Me:In future may be i ll present.
He:Do u have any specific location where u want to work? Me:No sir,the only thing s i just want to enjoy my work,doesnt matter where i work.
He:Ok its all from my side. Do u hav any Questions?
Me:Yes sir,i asked one,and he explained me
He:any other question
Me:No sir
He:Thank you
Me:Thank you Sir
They are very cool guys. Technical and HR is in one round Out of 1260 students, 231 were selected. My name was one of them.

All the Best Guys!!!! Thanks Bye



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