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CTS Job Placement Paper


CTS Placement Paper

Section 1
8 questions based on Series.

1. Interchange of positions of letters in a word and the adjacent letters are also to be changed. given letters series like [also few conditions]

Let the question is ABBAAB

If we apply 25 on this it means we have to interchange the letters at positions 2 and 5, and we have to change the adjacent letters 2 and 5 from A to B and B to A.

That is question's ABBAAB after Step 1 i.e interchange 2 and 5.
now change adjacent elements of 2 and 5.
Finally answer becomes

Ans: B A A B B A

1. To get AAABBD from BBBAAA what to apply?

a) 25 b) 34 c) 25 & 34 d) none

Section 2

1. Given the function f(n a b c ) = ac if n=1

f(n a b c) = f( n-1 a b c) + f( 1 a b c) + f( n-1 b a c ) if n != 1

f( 2) = ?

Ans: f( 2 a c b ) = ab + ac + bc

2. Similar question on functions.

3. Based on function in question number 1., the number of terms in f( 4 a b c ) is...?

Ans: f( 4 a b c ) = f( 3 a c b ) + f( 1 a b c ) + f( 3 b a c ) etc. = 5ab + 5ac + 5bc.

4. f( 5 a b c ) = ?

Section 3
8 questions based on Permutations and Combinations.

    r = number of flags;
    n = number of poles;
    Any number of flags can be accommodated on any single pole.
< BR>   r=5,n=5. The no. of ways the flags can be arranged?

2. to 5. Same as above.

6. r= 5 n = 3 . If first pole has 2 flags ,third pole has 1 flag. How many ways the remaining can be arranged?

7.& 8. Same as above.

Section 4
8 questions based on Figures consisting of 4 small squares and every square having an arrow pointing in one Direction.
GRE test of reasoning type.

Example: What is the next sequence if we tilt the figure by 90 degrees like that (clockwise and mirror images etc.).

Section 5
8 questions based on Compound words & their meanings.
In this section first part of compound word is given. Select meaning of the second part from the choice given:

1. Swan
2. Swans
3. Fool
4. Fools
5. Stare
6. Lady

For all above 4 choices are given.
a) category b) music c) --- d) none

Ans: Swansong is compound word. But song is not given as option. so b) music is answer.



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