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CTS Job Placement Paper


Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Test Date : 6 January 2007
Test Location : David Memorial Inst of mgmt,Hyderabad


Hello frnds,

Today i have written the CTS xam.Want to tell u the details of that b4 i 4get. First of all thanz to the previos papers which helped me in preparing the xam paper and the detials in the answer paper....

The important details to be noted and to b prepared b4 the xam is....
-->software orientation
-->Assessment on ur strngths n weaknesses...
-->Wat do u xpect frm cognizant
--> wat r ur shortterm and lonterm goals wid cts
-->Wat skills are essential n s/w industry and how do u think u r suitable to this industry(U have to highlite the strngths related to s/w area) n so on..were sum questions....these need to be answered carefully as they wll b repeated in HR interview.

Now coming to the aptitude part.....
3 sections as u all know.....1.verbal...2.reasoning....3.Attention to ability

VERBAL:(25Q and time:20 mints)

There were only 3 types of questions in our paper...
1.paragraph reading and anwering
2 paragraphs wid 10 questions...this is time consuming so better not to take chance
2.Select the correct sentences frm the 4 given sentences...
They sometimes asked to select the correct and sumtimes 2 select the incorrect sentences.....more than one sentence may be correct/incorrect
3.This section is really easy...they wll be giving 5 sentences and al u have to do is arrange them in a meaning full way.

REASONING:(Q:25 time:30mints)

This part is really easy n include questions on

-->Venn diagrams
-->few questions on binary format...
Eg:If 1=$ and 0=* the 47 can be written as....
LCM($*,$$,$$*)-$$**$ can aldo be writtena s...options: *,$$$,$$*$...
AVG(11,91,13)-2/3 is equal to options:$$*,$$$,$$** so on...

ATTENTION IN DETAIL:(Q:20 time:20 mints)

This section is also quite easy n include...
-->logical deductions...
-->figures are given and we have to pick the odd one.
-->seating arrangement problem..

all the best frnds.....

HariPriya J


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