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CTS Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Technical - Other
Test Date : 6 March 2007
Test Location : Techno India, Salt LakeCity


06-03-07 , CTS took 337 fresher from Techno Group colleges in a pool campus. 58 students were selected from Techno Main Campus, Salt lake. Main questions those were asked in technical question:

* Write a C Program to check whether a String is a Pallindrome or not, explain the logic.
*What is the differences between i++, ++i. Is it different to write for(i=0;i<10;i++) then to write for(i=0;i<10;++i)
* Sorting , Searching -> why needed, code of bubble sort, complexity of bubble sort. Insertion sort, Decimal to hexadecimal conversion, call by value and call by reference, advantages of call by reference
* SDLC model and its five steps,
* TCP IP, OSI Model
* Questions were asked from Windows VISTA-> what are the added special features
* Digital Electronics, specially basic questions from gates. NAND , NOR, XOR GATES. Why NAND is universal gate. Construction of XOR using NAND
*RACING *New Features in windows Vista.
*Difference between C and C++, Definition of Object, Class, Polymorphism
* Can we develop Object Orient Program with C?
* Develop a queue with 2 stack, explain the logic.
* What is deadlock, questions were asked from all parts of OS, NO questions from UNIX OR LINUX.

70 questions were there in the apti test. 30 from arithmetic 20 from English 20 from reasoning Time: 70 mins

Thank God I didn't have to give the apti as has introduced a new scheme for topten students of each streams to direct interview.
Our interview took place on 5 th March and was very easy........ Question were also asked from the ppt that took place ,before the apti.. Listen it carefully The final list of selected candidates was given on 6 th March. On that day only we were given the offer letters.
Dont be panic during the interview. Be confident.

Best of Luck.......................


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