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CTS Job Placement Paper


Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 25 November 2006
Test Location : St. Annas School, Hyderabad


Hi friends...I am Bhagya..selected for CTS on 25 november held at Venenberg IT park...hitech city......
I have selected for the written test which was scheduled on 19 nov.....

The written test consists of 3 sectons.
1)English(25 q's--25 min)
2)sec2(30 q's--30min)

Each section have sectional cutoff.....have to be carefull in this sense....
first 2 questions are correction of sentences.....there were 4 sentences..and 4 options.....there will be 2 passages..which are time taking...for each paragragh there where 5 questions of which 3 can be directly inferred from the passage and remmaing we have to deduct from the passage......total there will be 5-6 correction of sentences and 5-6 jumbled sentences which means 4 sentences will be given and we have to arrange them in correct order.......

english section is time taking and the cutoff is likely to be 6-8.

Section 2:(verbal reasoning)

First 5 questions were logical venn daigrams...then there were questions on data sufficeincy which were very easy to solve....no need of preparation.....then problem on cubes(5 q's)....

cubes problem.........

2 cubes are there....first cube is dived into 125 parts..and second cube is divided 64 parts..each cube of 1 unit....now these 2 cubes were joined....now the cubes which are in the daignol of both the bigger cubes were removed....now both cubes were joined and painted on the outersurface.....

-->How many cubes are there which are painted in on sides....3 sides..2 sides....1 side..and 0 side painted......

Section 3:(non verbal reasoning)

Given below are two premises.Find the conclusion.

1) All students are not intelligent.
Only intelligent pass the examination.
A) Some students are intelligent.
B) Some students who pass the examination are intelligent.
C) Some students pass the examination..
D) none of the options..

2)All boys are handsome.
some handsome are cheaters.
A) All handsome are boys.
B) some boys who are handsome are cheaters.
C) Some cheaters who are handsome are boys.
D) NOne of the options

3) Some teachers are adults.
Some adults are poets
A) Some teachers are poets
B) Some teachers who are adults are poets
C) Some adults who are not teachers are poets
D) None of the options

4) All intelligent students are merits
Some intelligent students are poor
A) Some intelligent students who are merits are poor
B) All poor people are merits
C) Some people are not intelligent students
D) None of the options

5) All P's are Q's
All Q's are R's
All R's are S's
Some Q's are Ts
A) Some P's are T's
B) Some P's which are Q's and S's are T's
C) No P's which are Q's are T's
D) None of the options

6 and 7)
Which of the following given options logically follows the given statements?
6. I will do my homework if I have time
a) I have time
b) I will do my homework
c) I will not do my homework
d) I don't have time
A) a and b
B) c and d
C) d and c
D) none of the options

7. If the light is switched on, then I will study.
A) the light is switched on or I will study
B) I will not study and the light is not switched on
C) I will study or the light is switched on
D) the light is not switched on and I will not study

There were 2 questions are series and 8 questions on odd man out.......these were also very easy.....

Each of the four students Kunal,Rajesh,Rashmi, and Poonam went to a Test centre for giving their GMAT exam. They were wearing four diffferent colors Maroon, Purple, Blue, and Yellow not necesarily in the same order. There were four cabins Cabin1,Cabin2,Cabin3 and Cabin4 in the test centre. Each cabin can accommodate only one student.
If Poonam wears Purple then Kunal wears Maroon. If Poonam sits in Cabin1 or cabin3, then Kunal sits in cabin2. If Rajesh wears Blue then Rashmi wears Yellow. If the person who wears Blue sits in cabin2 then the person who wears yellow sits in cabin3. If Rajesh doesn't wear blue then Kunal wears blue. If Rashmi wears yellow then Poonam sits in cabin1 or cabin4. If the person who wears maroon sits in cabin2 then the person who wears purple sits in cabin3. If the person who wears purple sits in cabin2 then rashmi sits in cabin4. Kunal doesn't wear blue.

1. Who sits in the cabin3?
a) Kunal b) Rashmi c) Rajesh d) Poonam
2.Which color is worn by Kunal?
a) Maroon b) Yellow c) Purple d) Blue
3. Which color is worn by Poonam?
a) Maroon b) Yellow c) purple d) Blue

This is all about the question paper....i was called on for the interview on 25 nov at venenburg IT park Hitech city,hyd at 11 am

I have to wait till 1:23pm....

i have a panel of 3 members...1 female n 2 male........

When i just have their attention the lady stood up gave me a shake hand..the 2 HRs also wished and posed some quick questions...which made me entering into a nervous state....

Afterwards they had repeated said me not to get tensed.....i was thinking that probably i was thatmuch tensed at that time....and some HRs often use this to check the candidate.....

the interview started....

As there were 3 members i maintained eye contact to all the 3 members who ever has asked the question.......

int1) Tell me about ur self which is not in this sheet(i..e..sheet will be given which has to be filled by us at the time of the written test).......
me)I have started with my acheivements and hobbies which where interupted by the interviwers..i explained them.......
they were impressed at my achievements.....

int) What were doing from the last 4 months i.e..,from date of releiving for your college....
me) i turned this question as an addvntage.....
int) Tell me about an situation where your frns n collegues are against you and you had won in that situation?
me) this also i did it well by saying about by team spirit and determination.....

int) tell me most interesting thing that happened in your life for the last 1 week....i was unable to answer so he extended to 1 month and then to 1 year....
me) i answerd by saying again my achievement..and he was sattified.....

int) he just wanted to test my practical knwledge as i have good tracjk record...he asked me waht are practicles you have done in 8086 mp...since iam ECE....
me) inserwed and explained the reason for doing them.....

this ends my tech intrvw....

he asked any questions about CTS....

me) Cts is an us based company and it has palce in american stockexchange...but i has no place in BSE,NSE which where indian stock exchange ...... Why CTS is not utilising this booming economy?and Why CTS has no origin in INDIA?
int) good question...he explained.....

me) Being an ECE is it req to learn any courses?
int) aswered....

me) I asked his name....and told thanks and gave shake hand.....

this ends my interview.......

If we have aggregate and if we can answer HR confidently,showing good eye conctact and good communication skills surely tech will be very less as in my case.............

Finally results were kept in the website of cognizant on 28 nov...I am selected......



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