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Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 4 November 2006
Test Location : Vanenburg, Hyderabad

hi all.

let me share my experience with you. hope it helps you!
My interview was on 4th nov. at 11am. There were around 12 to 15 pannels... it basically depends on the person who is interviewing you....some take jus 10mins some take for half hour... As you know its TECH cum Hr....so be prepared to face both...usually only one interviewer will be there...
interview will be held in a large hall...you can see all people being interivewed....how they talk n express.. the interviewer body languge....

So first thing is to be confident....speak gently n clearly. take a sec or two before speaking.
jus be frank....give him a warm smile....if you smile it'll itself dispell your nervousness...

My interviewer was an experienced old man....i was really scared. but the moment i gave him a greetin n smiled at him n when he responded with a smile....i felt at ease...
It lasted jus 10 question n 10 mins...only! i was scared. as it ended so soon...will i get eliminated....but the interviewer was a shrewd man...so half hour or 10mins....all that matters in the end is how well we present ourselves...
these were the question i was asked....
1.Tell me about your family back ground? i never expected this question right at the start. i told him all.
2.Did you right EAMCET? what 's your rank? as i did my MCA. i did write eamcet but got a rank in 28 thousand n odd...he wanted the exact figure....but i told him i dont remember.
3.what is the diff between computer science n information technology? i told him about computr science was for innovating new technologies...more into research n development. but i was suddenly not able explain clearly abt information technology.i gave him vague ans to that.
4. He looked into my cv and asked what are web technologies html, dhtml jsp? i have mentioned these in my techinical skills. I told him they are for creating web applications, web pages n site.
5. he asked what is a web page? i was not able to explain clearly.
6.what is WWW? i jus gave him the definition...
7. what is internet? i told him.
8. Difference between C++ and JAVA? tell as many points as you can.
9. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS? i gave him around 4 points. you can tell all you know.
10. are you willing to relocate to chennai? i told him yes sir. as a matter of fact i am willing to go anywhere!
Then he said that'll be all. you can go now....
I was really expecting the interview to be the usual style. starting with tell me about your self? then proj expalnation? then in the subjects n all? i was totlally unprepared for the question i was posed at....though they were basics!

So you see...all that matter in the end in how well we present ourselves n tackle the questions....cos each interview's thinking is different...we can anticipate what q's they'll ask...whatever it may be ans in cool n confident way....success will be yours..
I am now posted in chennai..wil join CTS on DEC 15. Share this knowledege with your friends too...help them...i wish you all a very good luck. see you all in CTS...
R.Vasanth Kumar.


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