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CTS Job Placement Paper


Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 7 January 2006
Test Location : KOLKATTA


I attended the the selection process nd finally selected in CTS..I'm going to describe every single details of this...
Day 1(7th Jan,2006)

I got mine hall ticket on 2nd Jan,06.My test centre was St. Thomas College, Kolkata,nd reporting time was 9.30 sharp.

there were 4 round of Test.i.e.9.30, 11.30, 2.30, 4.30..

in every section two separate colour of question paper were given to us...

As i attend the test in 9.30, in this section Blue and Red set were given....

Mine was Blue set.. As far as i heard Blue was the easiest 1, 'coz it consist max no of maths..

total 40 q, 1 for each correct nd .25 negative for each wrong answer....

i attend 23, made wrong answer 3, that is mine score was 19.25.(i saw in the time of interview)...


As far as i remember...

1.Avg of five ppl b4 5 yr is 40. 3ppl left now,2 new join..find the avg of new 2 ppl..
Ans:Data un sufficient..

2. Distance between two telegraph post is 100m.The two post is 130m away to the Listening Station.If a new Station is establish just between the Two post, then what will be the distance between two listening station???

Ans:120m .

3.A simple Avg q, a class 8 boy can do it..

Five team A,B,C,D,E..play a cricket match in every SIX consecutive Sunday.The Tournament in every sunday is Knock down basis and every sunday only 1 team ultimately win...

A won twice between 6 sunday. C & E win 1 sunday each, but both won after 2nd win of A.
B won a sunday b4 A's first win.
C & E both didn't win the last sunday..

on the basis of above paragraph the 4 q were asked.. they r

4.Which sunday did D win?
a) 1st b)5th c)2nd d) 6th Ans:6th(d)

5.Which sunday did E win ?

a)1st b)5th c)3rd d)can't say Ans:can't say(d) 'coz we can't say exat date for C nd E.

6. Which two sunday A wins???

a)2nd nd 3rd b)1st nd last c)1st nd 2nd d)3rd nd 4th Ans: (a).

7. B won in

a)1st b)2nd c)3rd d)4th Ans : (a)...


8.between 100 to 200 how may cube no is there ?

Ans: 125 (only 1)

9. Which is the largest???

a)(125)^15 b) (5)^125 c) (625)^20 d) (25)^10

10. what will be reminder after (16)^15 is devided by the 254...

a) 2 b) 0 c) 1 d)128 Not sure but mine ans was 128..

11. a figure was given frm there u have to find area of traingle.. very very easy......

12. Jack & Jill went to the hill....In going to hill (upword Direction)...Jack went to the hill first nd waited for Jill for "x" hours.. Jack's speed was then twice of Jill..

In the down word direction Jill can go 3km in a hour, while Jack can go 1km in 1 hour..

Jill reach the ground 1st nd waited for Jack for "x" hours..

Total journey they traveled is 6 km..

Find the speed of Jack...

Ans was 3 km... I forget the options..

13. A english conclusion i attended which was on Polymer concept...

To mine opinion the ans is : polimerisation can be controlled by controlling the neighbouring temperature... (not sure)

A paragraph consist of 6 questions.. very easy R.S Agarwal type....

I forget the exact 'coz it was 10-11 conditions.. but it was easy 1...

am giving only the type of idea.....

p,q,r,s,t,m,n,o,l,k, are put in 2 row..

k can be sitted with j, p always at the end.. like that 11 conditions.. u ahve to find exact sitting order.....

All that i remember from Apti Section.....

Result was given on 10th Jan, in CTS site, i had my int on 13th Jan, at 12 Noon........

2nd Day(13th Jan,06)

We were given a Yellow paper, wher 12 q was asked to fill up, like name, qualification, ur Jee score, y cts, ur weak nd positive points, ur activity, hobbies, y software, y cts,..ect, ect.....

then we were called for interview... in our case total no of pannel were 12....

I was called for interview around 1.30... there were 1 Lady, nd 1 Man..

They asked hr basically.. they interviewed me about 25-30 minutes...

1st 20 minutes they asked only about my self, my hobbies, then asked only 3 q frm C

type of variable,what is array?, merge short...

A q frm electronics . How current conducts in Transistor...

Hoe internet works.. that's all..

after that they began to ask again hr.. in the mean time they gave me a puzzle to solve, it was picture puzzle to find no of squares........

Hr q was..

1.Y wud u like to join CTS?
2.What is gurantee u r giving us that u wudn't leave us if u get better opprtunity?
3. y CTS needs u?
4.if ur project fail, what u will do?
5.What u will do if u find that ur colegue is sexually harrased by any higher authority?

and some thing abt family....g/f etc.....


Total ppl attend for apti :closely 2200..
Cleared Apti:217
Final Selection:61

(Paper Submitted By : Kamalesh Bhattacharya)


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