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Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Test Date : 10 June 2007
Test Location : VIT, Vellore


hi all !
for cognizant in our college 769 appeared for test had 3 sections and 451 were selected for next round means for interview....out of which 237 were finally selected and i m one of the lucky person.
first time i appeared for any company and i want to share my experience wid u all and hope u ll also get benefit from my experience as i got from this website....

there were 3 sections in test each was having its own time....
1) Analytical:(25 qustions in 25 min) -problems on cube,ven diag,series,coding,some simultanious eqns n find variables...easy except ven diag
2) Verbal(25 questions in 25 mins)- 2 passages each of 5 qns ,sentence correction(correct,incorrect),jumble d sentences in correct order...was only tough
3) Non verbal(20 questoins in 20 min)-odd fig out......was very easy section.
u need to manage ur time in hall... dont waste ur precious time on lenghty one even if u know...first u solve dat can be solved in few seconds then u go for rest. there was no -ve marking so u can make ur guesses:)

verbal section was tooo lengthy so i could not c a single line of two passages but tried for others cut off goes very low in verbal section so need not 2 worry.... rest section was very easy..... u need to practice for cubes,ven diags....go through any good book... R.S.AGRAWAL u can follow

1) one cube is divided into 343 small cubes and assambled again as a one cube and now it is painted
how many cubes havin 0 face painted(ans....125)
how many cubes havin 1 face painted(ans....150)
how many cubes havin 2 face painted(ans.....60)
how many 3 face painted(ans...8)
how many more dan 2 face painted(ans...8)

2)based on codin....in a system 1 is represented by$ and 0 by * then find the values of followings in d same system.....was very easy based on binary to decimal conversions....totally 5 qsns on this .

finally interview :
person was very friendly,biuld ur confidence and dont be afraid.
Lambodar Kumar Mishra


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