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CTS Placement Paper

 S = (a,b,(c),(d))
 T =(a,c,(d))
 F(s) = Only the first element
 = (a)
 G(s) = excluding the first element
 H(s,t) = All element of S & T.
 =(a,b,(c),(d),a,c,(d)) =S
 a^b = 1+ a* (a ^(b – 1) when b> 0 = 1 when b=0
 i. 4^2 = 21
 ii. 4^3 = 85
 v. (a^2)^b
 vi. (a^3)^1
 vii. [4^(y+I)
 viii. 4v( I don’t know)
 There are 18 buttons , 6 red , 6 Yellow, 6 green How many ways they can be arranged in i. 2 piles so there are equal no. of buttons in each pile. ii. 3 pile so that each pile contains 2 buttons of each color iii. in 2 pile so thjat all button of red and yellow are in diff. Piles. iv. In 3 piles so that each pile contains 3 buttons of two colors. v. In 2 piles so that each pile contains 3 buttons of yellow. vi. No piles are containg green and yellowand distribute in 2 piles.
 Q.4 Unscramble the given words and find the first and last letter
 I. geometry
 II. equation
 III. algebra
 IV. humtrete.( Ambiguous)---Meaning theorem
 V. arithmaic
 VI. trigonometry
 VII. mathemaics
 VIII. mathematics
 Somre Graphical interpretaion
 Seven figure are given on each but in which 4 are of one type and three are of another type find the sequence of the 3 figures
 HINTS= ». The triangles are pointing to corner or mid of the side
 There are two identical islands. Same tribe live in the islands. But their receptiveness varies. This is the question.
 There were four choices and we have to select the most appropriate one.
 For the above one the answer is ----- because of climatic changes
 There was a question in which they gave a polygon with all the external angles. we have to calculate the asked interior angle.



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