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CTS Job Placement Paper


Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 6 January 2007
Test Location : JD's Academy, Pune


Hi frends..

I am SanDeep recently attended CTS off campus interview at pune. My apti test was on 6th JAN 2007. Aftr I cleared the apti rnd they called me 4 nxt tech rnd thts ws on nxt day in CTS Hinjewadi campus, Pune. I tell U whatever I question rember frm my test.

Total students for Aptitude test: approx. 700-800

Students for Technical round: approx. 200-300

After Hr round: ?

I am from Mumbai, my reporting time was 11:00 am. So I reached over there arnd 10:00 am. Before entering the venue they asked about hall ticket. So bring hall ticket & all original mark sheets & along with 1 extra photocopies of each because all this is required. While starting the test they give us one OMR sheet on that we had wrote all the details. So be prepared with these details. U have 2 write all semester wise percentage. Then they gave question paper one by one because there were three section which given below:

1. Verbal ( 20 min) (25 Ques)

2. Analytical ( 30 Min) (25 Ques)

3. Reasoning ( 20 min) (20 Ques) ,Ques. booklet no. was 2964 A

1) Verbal

1) Two passages with each of 5 questions. I suggest do this part al last.

2) Correct sentences. – 5 ques

3) Incorrect sentences. – 5 ques

4) Logical Order. – 5 ques. This Time logical order is very easy.

2) Analytical

If u r perfect in Venn diagram then do it first. If not then go through replacement questions. That ws bit easy.

1) Two Venn diagram - 5 ques each.

2) Logical reasoning. – 4 ques each

For eg if u get result from first sentence then option A , from second sentence then option B, from both C, from neither nor then D likewise. I rember only three

1) Neha & Pooja gets the prices in School competiion.

i. Neha has less medals than Pooja.

ii. Pooja not having trophies & neha having only one medal

2) If A+B > C+D

i. A=3, B=4, C=7

ii. A

3) who is the topper?

i. Sachin get the highest marks.

3) Replacement ques. ->> Replace binary 1 - $ and binary 0 - *

1) 137 , Ans. is => $***$$* - $$

2) 399, Ans is => $$***$$$$

3) 2*Average(3+6+12) => first calculate average. Don’t forget to divide 3+6+12 by 3, people mostly forget. So answer is (14) => $$$

4) ($ X $$) ^ $$

First divide decimal no. into binary n then replace. For this dnt do ech time division. Remember following trick..

256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1

2^8 2^7 2 ^6 2^5 2^4 2^3 2^2 2^1 2^0 n then put value.

4) Cube problem. - 5 ques each.

Its very easy. Go through RS agarwal nonverbal last section. I give u formulas if ques asked like, if all sides of cube are painted with red color then how much 0 side, 1 sides, 2 sides & 3 sides painted…

0 side = (n-2) * (n-2) * (n-2) , 1 side = 6 * (n-2) * (n-2)

2 sides = 12 * (n-2)

3 sides = total divided cube value - (0side cube + 1 side + 2 side cube)

For eg. Cube divided into 27 cubes. Therefore 3^3=27 cube Then

0 side = (3-2) * (3-2) * (3-2) = 1 , 1 side = 6,

2 sides = 12 & 3 sides = 27 – (1+6+12) => 8

Question was. Two big cubes divided into 125 small cubes each. they placed horizontally. If column no. 1 , 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 is removed from the cubes then remaining cubes columns is painted by blue color then,

1) how many cube 0 side painted?

2) how many cube 1 side painted?

3) how many cube 2 side painted?

5) One question was, fixed amount proportional to distance plus square root of distance. Rs. 400 for 25 km, Rs. 680 for 49 km, Rs. 1480 for 121 km, passenger paid 6840 (not exact amt I rember) then how much distance he covered?

3. Mental Ability:

1) Data sufficiency - 5 ques
a) i. Some Apple are orange ii. All orange are bananas

b) i. All ban are rings ii. All rings are chairs.

c) i. Some apple are some bananas ii. Some bananas are coconut.

d) i. All buses are cares. ii. All cares with some red.

e) i. All monkey are donkey ii. Some pings are donkey.

2) find out next series - 5 ques. ( very easy)

3) Odd man out – 5 ques – very easy,

Ther is all men face s are looking same but first man nose having darkness.

4) Last three ques I dnt rember but answer for (68,69,70) is B, C, B

At the time of technical interview they told regarding overall procedure. First was Pure technical round 2) technical + Hr Interview on same day.

They told joining in next week n package is 2.1 for first 4 months after that it will be 2.7 First upon they cleared that u must have aggregate 60% in Engg. & not having more than two arrears in engg. Seriously they r checking all this details at the time of interview. There r almost 20-25 panels for technical round. I got call for technical after 3 hours at 12:00 pm. Firstly he asked normal ques.

1) tell me about urself?

2) What is ‘WORK’ & ‘FORCE’. asking physical defn.

3) What is ur favorite subject in engg. I told system programming.

4) Thn ques was what is complier, diff. between compilr & interpreter

5) What is XML, Abstraction, Polymorphism, how to implement runtime polymorphism in JAVA.

6) What databases u know.. diff. types of database. i.e n/w db, hierarchal db &rdbms

7) Then why software engineer ready to work more than 8 hours.

8) What is your final year project? Explain? What is ur role in project.

9) What u expect from CTS ?

That’s all frm my interview…. But unfortunately I’m nt cleared technical round. Guys if u scored more marks in aptitude test then u have no problem in other round.

So, do well …dnt miss the company like Cognizant. ALL THE BEST


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