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Paper Type : Aptitude - General

Hi All,

Recently I gave a written Test To Cognizant. I will tell u My experience with Cognizant. the selection process consisits of two Rounds.

1. Apps( verbsl,maths,reasoning questions...etc) Meritrac Conducted the first round. around 5000 Took up the Test. 1200 got short listed for the second round.

Everybody used to think Once if we clear first round in CTS we r 90% through. i was also thinkind like that. But here my bad time starts. My interview was scheduled at 3.30 pm on next day but mrng itself i went. due to the lack of time my interview got postponed. If it had happend at the scheduled time I would have gone through becoz Tech and HR was separate.But next day they Combined that. Don think when they combine it is easy. when they combined the process you will not be asked HR questions. The lesser the HR questions the Lesser the Chence to get through.

I went inside the panel around 10... I came out arounnd 11.15.... I was having consistent 85% from 10th std.... in my engg also i got 85%...
Me: Hi, Good mrng!
Int: Good mrng! So u r venkatesh,
Me: Yes sir!
Int: Can i Have ur mark list.
Me: ya sure.
Int: Tell me any three fav subjects
Me:I said C++,Software Engg,Networks.
Int: you have got 91 in DBMS why not DBMS.
Me: I said my favourite subjects. I m more comfortable with the above three which i have specified.
Int: questions on Inheritance,oops concepts basics,den static variable
Demo programs,
den threads, late binding,
function over riding programs,
den he went very deep in Software engineering,
he started with what do u mean by SDLC
Me: Answered
Int: tell me wat r all the models
Me: Ansd
Int: Draw the diagram for RAPID MODEl
Int: ok prototype
den he started asking what u mean by Cyclomatic complexity I said i don know,
He told Atleast try to recall. I told small definition in a general manner.

Int: Ok give me an example of how this project works in ,He told project title is Banking System.He asked if this project is treated with all the five software process models what would be the output?
Me: I explained my level best.
Int: R u comfortable with C or C++?
Me: C++
Int: He started asking questions
Me: i answered in OO approach But he tole answer me in Structure Approach.
This went for 15 min's
Int: Tell me one more Fav subject
Me: S/w Testing
Int: Ok Venkatesh
ME: Smiled
Int: Why CTS? (As my round has benn changed to HR+Tech) He aske that only one quest
Int: Ok you may go

After two days I got the Result.
I was not able to clear the Interview. But one thing I am sure, if u have lesser HR questions it means u will not be selected 75%.
I was having one arrear in my first semester but cleared in 2 nd semester. Even though I was having 85% I was not able to explain them taht i have cleared it on my next semester becoz there were no HR questions.

All the Best Friends...... GOD Bless you!!!!!!!!!


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