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CTS Job Placement Paper


Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 3 November 2006
Test Location : Hyderabad


hi freinds,

i am vijayalakshmi.i attended the cts written test on Dec 3rd .I was selected in the test.The pattern of test is , the paper contains 3 sections.At first they will check all ur certificates originals or attested copies.provisional is must and should.They will give one application form .It contains following details.I didnt remember all those but i will give some of those. name,ur qualification,ur address ,ur 10th %,!2th and score of ur Eamcet ,semister wise %s ,any arrers, software exposure,ur extra curricular activities,strenths and weekness ,wt are shortterm and long term goals ,why cts,wt r the qualities of a candidate that should require for company list them .

The test pattern contains 3 sections.
1.Verbal -- 25 ques --20mins
it contains 2 Reading comprehensions, select incorrect stmt from 4 given stmts, there may be more than one incorrect stmt in that 4 stmts,and select correct stmts from given 4 stmts , and finally rearranging the given 4 sentences.

2.Analytical--25 ques--30mins
It contiains venn diagram ques 4 to 5, and cube ques 4 to 5,finding a no from given stmts that is the no is 5 digits even no,and it is divisible by some 36 like conditions given.

It contains ques on logical deduction ,figure pblms like find odd fig from given figs, 1 reasoning que, and some qs on binary format.that is $ is represented as 0,* is represented as 1,then $$**$$ is same as given 4 options ,we have to find correct option,they r also in this format only.
$$**$$ is same as
1.$$**+**$$ 2.($$*$ )*($$**) 3.**$$/$$ 4.**$$-****
Hey i am not given correct options but the model is like this.

I am selected for intervw and my intervw is over on 16th dec.for me there 2 menmbers in that panel.i wished them and the lady asked ques.

int: tell me abt ur self.
me:I told
int: she asked wt abt ur positive qualities
me:please remember wt u have written in the application form , an i told the ans.
int: wt r the user defined data types.
me:I said we can create UDD using typedef for single data type
int: if we to different data types then
me:I answered abt structure
int: ok can u tell the memory allocated for that structure
int: tell me abt union its practical example
me:told but i dont know practical ex
int: she asked abt DS,wt is a binary tree and binary search tree
me:i told:
int: she gave nos in sorted order like 19,30,43,56,60,90,100 construct tree for these nos
me:i wrongly constructed bcoz i forgot the balance condition
int: wt is time complexity
me:i said o(logn)
int: she asked abt OS wt is deadlock
int: and wt r the diff CPU sheduling Algorithms
int: wt is preemption
int: do u know abt UNIX
me:i told no bcoz i know some concepts
int: she asked wt r layers in OSI model and TCP/IP
int: wt is fixed size window protocal and in which layer it is present
int: do u have any ques
me: i asked one que
int: finally she said all the best

this is my interview experience .they asked very basics.so frnds be confident and cool at the time of iterview. Now i am waiting for the result.so all the best my frnds.


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