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Job Placement Papers (All Companies)

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Syntel Placement Paper

2006 Placement Papers

Syntel Placement Pattern Paper

Syntel   25, April (Noida)

Syntel   25, April (Noida)

Syntel   Jan., 2006

2007 Placement Papers

Syntel 03 June (Sangli)

Syntel 04 August (Nerul)

Syntel 05 July

Syntel 09 August (Chennai)

Syntel 12 August

Syntel 14 July (Tamilnadu)

Syntel 16 Dec. (Tamilnadu)

Syntel 16 June

Syntel 20 July (Vijaywada)

Syntel 20 May (Vizag)

Syntel 21 July  (Vellore)

Syntel 23 June (Lucknow)

Syntel 27 May (Nandyala)

Syntel 29 March (Bhopal)

Syntel 30 June (Vijaywada)

Syntel 31 July

Syntel Pattern Test Paper

Syntel 28 April (Bangalore)

Syntel 07 April (Bhilai)

Syntel 31 March (Noida)

Syntel 24 March (Nagpur)

Syntel 16 March (Jaipur)

Syntel 16 March (Madurai)

Syntel 30 January (Vizag)


2008 Placement Papers

Syntel 29 March 2008 (Bhopal)



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