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Syntel Placement Paper

SYNTEL-Placement Paper-25 April 2006-Noida

The pattern consist of 3 sections:

1. Aptitude(general) test
2. HR Interview
3. Technical Interview

Written test:

The first thing in written was to manage the time,bícoz there was a bulk of questions(some ques repeat) in written three different parts were there and each having cutoff range.

The first paper was of English:
In English there were 20 ques and you need to complete it in 15 mins.
Those were like paragraphs and synonyms & antonioms.
The cut-off range(I donít remember properly) was 12.

The second paper was of Maths:-

In maths paper there were 45 ques and needed to complete in 30 mins
The ques were simple logical.
The cut-off range was I think 30.

The third paper was of Aptitude:-

The ques were mostly from R.S.Agrawal.Those were simple.and quite analytical
Some ques are repeated.

I think there were 35 ques and needed to complete in 20 mins.
The cut-off range was I think 20.The paper was not that tough .
Now the toughest time came i.e to wait for interview.
That camp-us was a record campus around 6800 students were appeared for that test.the written was held in 3 shifts.

Interview time:-
As I told you there were 2 interviews hr & technical.
First my technical was taken,and I think I waited for 12 hours for that Iíview.
My technical was taken by a mam,who passed out from jss,noida(now at some high place in Syntel).

She asked me for :-
1.was to identify Armstrong no.
3.data structure,
4.acid properties.

Rest I donít remember but mostly It was from dbms & daa,/ds.

Then it continued with hr/personal Iíview.

(state your hobbies about which you know everything)

1.iís asked for who scored 6 sixes in an over & who was the bowler

Ans:ravi shastri in first class cricket and the bowler was k.krishan something,Iís able to give the ans of 1st part only.

2.diameter of football.

3.why Syntel?

4.% graph of degree.

5.how much you rate yourself in scale of 10.

6.why we should take you.

7.who is the best footballer do you think and why,

8.do you have any girlfriend.

9.if you were given the chance to go abroad and not to your wife then?

10.your expectations from our sideÖ

This interview of mine was taken by companyís V.P. and I was preety confident after this,I went in the interview room by thinking that I have nothing to loose,only I can get something.

And finallyÖÖ.. I got selected.



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