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Syntel Placement Paper


Hello friends im Devan got placed recently , syntel visited here on 16th n 17th march for central recruitment for 2008 batch , the apti was on 16th while interviews were scheduled on 17th , the next day !!

there were follwing phases(this is the latest pattern , as mentioned by others too ,  in previous papers)

1> reasoning ( 25 questions , cut of was mentioned on the answer sheet , 13 )
2> verbal ( 15 questions , cut off was 8 )
3> technical + hr interview

total time - 1 hour
1> the reasoning
it consisted of 25 questions , pretty easy ones mixed with moderately tuff questions , so i'd rate this section as moderate... i can mention some of the questions that i remember , like choose the odd word out ...then there was one question like...if sachin is wearing sourav's t shirt...sehwag is wearing yuvraj's...sourav comes to bat ahead of rahul..etc..whose t shirt would sourav be wearing..was easy one..

then there was one blood relationship question ... another one was a series like AB*!1D+E*2%G3I*K(this is not the exact question)
5 questions were based on this series like - if order of series is reversed , find the 11th element to the left of 7th element from right , find 7th ele from left of 11th from right...
if later half of series is reversed  , what would be the 7th ele. from right of 11th..
how many symbols are immediately followed by odd no. etc. (simple questions)

this was a good section..a passage with 5 questions..
5 questions on - some sentences were given and find the error in one of the word/words underlined like
one day / mary and jane / has gone to the / village to fetch / some water   

   a               b                         c                          d                     e
( just an example , not actual question , sentences were tuffer than this one)    etc

3 > tech + hr interview 
be confident thru out while ure speaking in front of them...even if ure not technically strong... the interviewers - gentleman n a lady , luked quite young , not more than 28/29 i guess...
the gentleman asked tech questions and the lady asked hr
the man aksed me where i belonged to and questions followed like
>what r pointers
>different data structures in c
>then he asked me my subjects in 6th sem , computer networks was one of them so he asked me - use of data link layer
> osi model layers

in the beginning i told them i wasnt gud with tech(prog part) and was more interested in gaming , multimedia n web aspects..so >they asked what if we put u on coding department in the company....i said i will learn...work hard for it..wll do it..

be confident while answering
others were asked to write programs as i heard - pallindrome , armstrong number ...
>overloading n overriding
>sorting n searching algos(for sure)

he was done...and then lady asked me hr questions like
> my aim in life
> my strengths , i said self confidence , leadership qualities ... hence she asked what would a good leader be like ??..and a couple of questions on team n members(confusing ones , just answer what u think , dnt pretend ure answering a mugged up answer , they'd catch u easily)
>can i work in chennai ... i said i am ready to work from kashmir to kanyakumari....they smiled..

the interview lasted for 20 mins approx
total students appeared - between 2500 - 3000
selected for interview - around 140
placed - 54

they said call letters will be alloted within 2 weeks...

good luck !!




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