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1 Paint program in C.
Description : This project is a good program for understanding basics of Graphics in C Shailesh & Nirgun
2 A Simple 2D-Drawing Program
Description : This is an Simple 2d drawing program in C. It provides some basic functions for graphics in DOS and is a fun to use.
3 Line Drawing Algorithm - Bresenham
Description : All of you might have used the Line function in C and might have wondered about its working and algorithm used. This program demonstrates the use of Bresenham's Line Drawing algorithm. I hope you w
Description : you will get illusion when you see the program running
5 Graphical Representation of Queue
Description : Graphical Representation of Queue
6 Transformation 2D [ Scaling, Translation, Rotation . . .]
Description : Simple Prog 4 2d Transformation
7 Snake Game Source Code in C.
Description : It is popular snake game in which snake eat objects appear randomly on screen. Keyboard is used to play the game
Description : ARCHERY GAME The Archery game is to shoot the arrows to the concentric circles in the target board. Each circle has its own points or score, for example the if the circle at center is hit by arrow
Description : It is a nice project of chess that will definitely blow ur mind off.So just grab it and enjoy!
10 Computer Chess
Description : it is a primary work of Artificial Intelligence,And provides a good framework for the person interested in A.I. I dont claim that entire work is mine Rather it is an improved version of TSCP a engin
11 Icons in C and Mouse programming
Description : This program is compiled on Turbo C
12 3D graphics in C
Description : This pgm is compiled in Turbo C
13 3D diagram of an IC
Description : This program is written and compiled on Turbo C if it is not working properly changed graphics options. For more C graphics and other materials mail me
14 DX Ball Game in C ( works with both Mouse & Keyboard ) (Project)
Description : This is same as DX ball game with 5 levels you can play with keyboard or mouse.
15 Paint Brush In C (Project)
Description : Paint Brush is intresting paint program which has symmetry function which give some good designs. This program is same as MSPaint with some more/less features. Save the Program in two files paint.c
16 Egg Game in C
Description : This is a game, where there are no. of eggs falling from the top of the screen randomly. The player just have to save them from falling on the ground.
17 To print a mirror(inverted) image of a charactor in graphics.
Description : This programme print an inverted image of a character in graphics through a trick.
18 Paint Brush in C (Project)
Description : This is my best program in graphics in c. Paint Brush.
19 Balloon Shooting - A Game ( Mini Project )
Description : This is a simple balloon shooting game made in C language. In this game, there are number of balloons, a bow and arrows for shooting the balloons. The balloons rise from the lower portion of the scr
20 A program to implement multiplexers in 'C' - Project.
Description : The program implements boolean functions in form of minterms using multiplexers of users choice and displays the block diagram also after implementing.
21 Simple Snake game.
Description : This game contains one white colored object which is under user control and runs over the screen, and we need to touch the target object, which is in red color with out touching the border lines.
22 Number Magic in C.
Description : It seems to be a illusion, but it involves complete mathematics logic. You are required to think a number between a given range, just think in your mind and don't enter the number. And my program w
23 Shoot The Devil - Game In C
Description : Hello, Hi, I am Pratap Rajkumar Tokekar, 1st Year Engineering student from College of Engineering, Pune. I have developed this very simple game after reading the book "Let us c". This is the 1st ga
24 Best Source Codes for Many Computer Graphics Programs in Sixth Semester
Description : Program to implement the following using built-in functions available in the library. 1.Kite flying. 2.Bar graph. 3.Spiral model. 4.Fish movement. 5.Rotation of wheel. 6.Moving car.
25 Numbers Arranged game (Mini Project)
Description : Not Specified
26 Ships Moving & one Ship come first (Mini Project)
Description : Not Specified
27 Space Jam (in text mode) (Mini Project)
Description : Player is in a plane, can shoot the enemy planes using bullets(left click) or laser(right click), using mouse interface.
28 Cool Graphics Stuff (Mini Project)
Description : This is a cool graphics program.You just relax and see this cool stuff
29 Ships Moving & one Ship come first (Mini Project)
Description : Not Specified
30 Tic Tac Toe Game in C.
31 Magic Number Game - A Program in C
Description : This program "MAGICNUM.C" has been made for fun and entertainment purpose only. This program asks the user to think any number between 1-55. Then six different lists of numbers are displayed and simul
32 Analog Clock Program.
33 Micky Mouse Program
34 Snake Game in C.
35 Tetris Game in C.
36 Bricks game in C
37 Numerology Program - This is the program that tells you the lucky number of your name.
Description : This is the program that tells you the lucky number of your name.An important point For giving your name is - Do not give any spaces or any other special characters to your name.
38 Mine Sweeper Game.
Description : Its a game seems to be same as Microsoft Minesweeper Game. It worked similarly.
39 Oil Spill Game in C.
Description : You have to collect the oil drops falling from tubes. if you lost to catch drops you will lose a life for every collection your score will increased have fun.
40 Bouncing Ball
Description : Bouncing Ball.



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