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1 Why we can not declare constructor as final?
2 Is it possible to stop an object from being created during construction?
3 Which would be faster - an application developed in Java or an application developed in C++?
4 Java applets can be downloaded from anywhere and run on a client`s system. What are the restrictions
5 What is the difference between Java and HTML?
6 How JAVA achieves platform independence?
7 What is HotJava?
8 FLAMES program to find the relation between a boy and a girl.
Description : It is a program to find the relation between a boy and a girl. The program will ask for both boy's and girl's name and it will compare the names and will give the relation between them.
9 File comparison program
Description : The program will prompt for 2 file names(.txt) that are to be compared. Given the file names, this program will compare the two files. If any difference is there, it will print the differences and no
10 Employee details
Description : This is a scheduling algoritham of type non-preemptive.that means the process having calculate a employee details time will be processed next.this program will be help full to study the basic java.
11 demonstrate file
Description : A File object is used to obtain or manipulate information associated with a disk file such as permissions ,time,date and directory path and to navigate subdirectory hierachies. File class in present i
12 Download Manager
Description : This is Very Useful tool for Inetnet users. Create & enjoy it. Contact Me If U Like it.



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