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1 Program for finding the transpose of a martix in sparse form.
2 Program for Stack implementation through Array.
3 Program to implement Stack as Linked List.
4 Program for Queue implementation through Array.
5 Program for Queue implementation through Linked List.
6 Program for Circular Queue implementation through Array.
7 Rat in a Maze Game implemented in C.
8 Program to demonstrate linked list operations.
9 Program for demonstration of Tree Operations - INSERTION . INORDER . PREORDER . POSTORDER TRAVERSAL
10 Add two long positive intergers
Description : It adds any two long positive numbers and stores in a seperate list so it can be used for future pourposes.
11 Infix To Prefix Conversion
Description : Not Specified
12 Reversal of a singly linklist by recursion
Description : The above code is used to reverse a singly link-list by recursion
13 prefix to postfix conversion
Description : when a prefix string is entered it converts it into its equivalent postfix string. Be careful to enter the perfect prefix string to get the desired results.
14 Queue implementation using single linkedlist
Description : Queue implementation using single linkedlist
Description : Not Specified
16 Bubble Sort", "Delayed Exchange Sort", "Shell Sort" & more..
Description : All sorting method using C Graphics ....
17 Circular Linked List in C
Description : Implementation of Circular linked List
18 Search An Element in Linked List.
Description : Program to search an element in Linked list.
19 To Sort Elements Of The Array Using Quick Sort Algorithm.
Description : To Sort Elements Of The Array Using Quick Sort Algorithm.
20 Program To Sort Names Alphabatically Using Linked List.
Description : Not Specified
21 BitmapViewer (Mini Project)
Description : This program is used to view the bitmap files
22 Addition of two long positive integers of any length using linked lists
Description : This is one of the important applications of linked
lists.Through this program it is possible to add long integers of any
length may be above 50 digits with the help of Dynamic memory management
23 Infix to Prefix notation using linked lists
Description : This program is useful for converting an Infix expression to Prefix expression
24 Linked List implementation
Description : Linked List implementation
25 BEST FIT - CPU scheduling algorithm
Description : This program gives program details of Fitting a job with given size into the Avail Memory Block.
26  stacks using array & linked list
Description : operations on stack-push,pop,display implemented using both array & linked list
27 infix _to_ postfix_conversion
Description : Not Specified
28 Dijkstra Algorithm
Description : it is a code which find the shortest path from source to destination. this code is very useful when any one working on intelligent driving a car in robotix
29 Implentation of queue using arrays - QUEUE.C
Description : Implentation of queue using arrays
30 Implentation of stack using arrays - STACK.C
Description : Implentation of stack using arrays
31 Binary Tree
Description : Implementation of Binary Tree using Linked list
32 HUFFMAN CODING (Mini Project)
Description : This program is very useful for engineers those who have been taking Information coding techniques as major
33 Expression Tree
Description : This program is to find the expression tree. Expression tree is a tree consisting of the operands at the leaf node, and the operators at the inner nodes. Useful for the data structure labs
34 Visual Bubble Sort
Description : U can View Visualy Bubble Sort





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