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1 Create and Write Log File
Description : The subprocedure can be called by any ASP applicaiton/page which needs to create a log entry each time it is accessed. This can then be checked at a later stage by an administrator for example, to det
2 Read Write and Append Text
Description : Uses FSO to read, write, or append text in a file
3 Site Administration
Description : This is an application to administer a website remotely through an ASP
4 Directory Viewer
Description : This is a directory viewer. You can set what files to be viewed
5 Rename File
Description : This will rename a specific file and or move the file to a different directory
6 Recurse and Rename
Description :Recurses down a directory tree and renames files
7 Rename Folder
Description :This will rename and or move a folder
8 Read Text
Description :Opens a textfile and shows contents
9 Make HTML File
Description :This script will make a HTML file
10 LDAP / SiteServer Migration
Description :This script will migrate LDAP and SiteServer user list to another LDAP SiteServer
11 File Upload
Description :Uploads a file to the server
12 Directory Viewer with Download
Description :A directory Viewer with the option of downloading the file and reading text
13 Delete Files
Description :Enables users to list and delete files
14 Copy File
Description :Copys a file from one location to another using WSH
15 File Exist
Description :Returns if file exist
16 Temp File Name
Description :Returns temp file name
17 File/Path/Extension Stripping
Description :These routines can strip a file name from a path, a directory from a path, and an extension from a path. They can also determine the parent directory path. They are fairly simple routines that I use i
18 ASP source viewer
Description :ASP source viewer script, allows users to view any text-based file
19 Find And Delete
Description :This searches through each file in a folder with .htm, .html, and .asp extensions and searches for a string. If the string is found it is replaces with a blank or can be modified to replace with anoth
20 Read Write and Append Text
Description :Uses FSO to read, write, or append text in a file
21 Dir Function
Description : The Dir function checks for the existence of a folder or directory. Pathname must be a path to a directory. Returns True if the folder or directory exists and False if it does not exist
22 DirSrch Object
Description : The DirSrch object recursively searches all directories for a specified folder
name or partial directory path. Use DirSrch to locate essential folders whose
paths are not known.
23 Drive Function
Description : The Drive Function checks a drive for existence and then checks it's readiness. There is one required argument, drivespec which must be a letter representing a drive (A-Z) on the server. The Drive fun
24 File Function
Description : The File function checks for the existence of a file. Pathname must be a path to a file, including extension. Returns True if the file exists and False if it does not exist.
25 FileCopy Statement
Description : The FileCopy statement copies a file. There are two required arguments, source and destination. The source argument is the full path to the file you are copying and the destination argument is the ful
26 FileDateTime Function
Description : The FileDateTime function returns the time and date a file was last modified. If the file is not found or an error occurs during the processing of the function, Null is returned
27 FileLen Function
Description : The FileLen function returns a long representing the size of a file in bytes. If file is not found, FileLen returns Null.
28 FileRead Function
Description : The FileRead function allows the contents of a file to be read. The FileRead function has one required argument, pathname, which represents the complete path to an already existing file on the server.
29 FileWrite Statement
Description : The FileWrite statement allows writing to a file. The FileWrite statement has three required arguments: pathname, texttowrite, and overwrite. The first argument is pathname. Pathname must be the compl
30 INITool Object
Description : The INITool Object allows an ASP programmer to work with INI files
on the server.
31 Kill Statement
Description : The Kill statement deletes files. The required pathname argument must be absolute and include the drive letter. This supports the use of the wildcard character * to delete mulitple files.
32 MkDatabase Function
Description : The MkDatabase statement creates an empty Microsoft Access database. The required argument pathname must end in .mdb and reflects the location of where the new database will be created. MkDatabase can
33 MkDir Statement
Description : The MkDir statement creates a new directory or folder. The required path argument must be absolute and include the drive letter. If you are unsure of the path to your web server's root, use server.map
34 MkFile Statement
Description : The MkFile statement creates a file on the server. The MkFile statement has one required argument, pathname. Pathname must be the complete path and file name with extension to be created.
35 RmDir Statement
Description : The RmDir statement deletes a directory or folder. The required path argument must be absolute and include the drive letter. If you are unsure of the path to your web server's root, use server.mappath
36 Search Function
Description : The Search function recursively searches all files on a hard drive for a specific phrase from a specified start directory. The Search function is not meant for web site searches by site users but was
37 SetAttr Statement
Description : The SetAttr statement sets the attributes of a file or folder. There are two
required arguments, pathname and attributes. Path name must be the absolute
path to a folder or file. The attribute
38 Title Function
Description : The Title function returns a string representing the title of a web page. It specifically scans a web page looking for the title tags and returns whatever is in between. The required argument pathname
39 WriteLog Statement
Description : The WriteLog statement writes a line of text into a log file. The WriteLog statement automatically inserts the date and time of the log addition along with any text you specify in the logevent argumen
40 When was a file last modified?
Description : Checks when this file was last modified.
41 When was the file created?
Description : This example demonstrates how to first create a FileSystem Object, and then use the DateCreated property of the File Object to get the date and time a specified file was created
42 When was the file last accessed?
Description : This example demonstrates how to use the DateLastAccessed property to get the date and time a specified file was last accessed




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