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Introduction about the Company

Shyam Group

 Shyam Group is India`s leading communication solution provider. Shyam Telecom Ltd. is the flagship company of the group, which has four other service companies. The Group`s business interests include integrated communication solutions, in-house equipment manufacturing, software support to customers, basic and cellular  services in Rajasthan, Satellite telephony and VSAT operations across India.

Shyam`s vision, is to emerge as a complete communication solution provider through offering core and value-added services in basic, cellular, limited mobility, VSAT and Sat-phone services.

Shyam Telecom Ltd. was incorporated in 1992, and its manufacturing operations are based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company offers energy system solutions through SCADA and  Remote Energy Metering System. Shyam also has a software services division with its focus on the telecom and utility vehicles.

The last 22 years have witnessed the group`s progression from being a telecom equipment manufacturer to a unified and integrated end-to-end telecommunication system service provider with expertise in project execution.

Today, the group has an international presence in 27 countries.  Shyam enjoys strong brand equity as a service oriented, innovative organization which constantly strives to provide low costs products and world class services. Shyam group has been structured in a manner facilitate different communication businesses across its services companies. A Panorma of the group over the years…

  • 1980      The group introduced cable television for the first time in the Country.

  • 1990   The group set up a manufacturing facility to cater to DoT and BSNL requirements.

  • 1996   The Shyam group was awarded the cellular license for Rajasthan and North-East.

  • 1997   The R&D division of Shyam Telecom received the DSIR National Award for excellence in R&D.

  • 1998   The Shyam Group emerged as the highest bidder for basic telephony license and was awarded the license for basic services in the state of Rajasthan. The Group entered the VSAT services business by launching VSAT solutions all over India.

  • 2000   The Shyam Group partnered with ACeS (The company owned by Lockheed Martin of USA and PSN, Nusantara of Indonesia ) GMPCS system to offer satellite telephony for the first time in the country. Launched its basic telephony services in Rajasthan.

  • 2001      Launched WLL services in the state of Rajasthan.

  • 2002      Launched Rajasthan’s first International Internet Gateway to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to users through its ISP business.


Shyam Telelink

             Shyam Telelink acquired the license to provide basic telephony in the state of Rajasthan in the 98th year of the 20th Century. A dream which fructified to really in June `2000 under the brand name Rainbow.

            Shyam Telelink, dedicated its services to the state of Rajasthan in October `2000 in the august presence of Shri Ram Vilas Paswan -  Union Minister for Communication. Eight major cities of the State are connected through our Network today and we plan to increase its number to 59 over a period of the next two years. Optical Fibre Backbone of 4000km. will be blown across the state.

             We aim to provide a single window solution for basic and Mobile Telephony, Broadband Internet, Entertainment, e&m Commerce customized to the individual requirement, at an affordable price.

             Lucent Technologies, USA and IIT, Chennai are our technological partners who have helped us provide a seamless and end – to – end solution for Wireline, Wireless, Data Access, Messaging and many other related systems. Our commitment to Rajasthan has prompted us to set up India’s first truly Operational Multimedia Broadband Network in the State.

            To offer a value laden proposition to our customers and to provide a total communication solution we provide a gamut a Value Added Services like Calling Line Identification (CLI), Call Wait/Call Hold, Call Forwarding, Call Conferencing, Speed Dialing/Abbreviated Dialing, Hotline, Wake-up Alarm, Do Not Disturb  (DND), Multi-Line Hunting, Dynamic Locking and many more….

 We are making fast progress in the core telecom sector and further courting rapid growth by diversifying into the business of  Call Centers, IVR solutions, ATM solutions using CDMA, VSAT,  Cable TV, Cyber cafes, leased lines, data centers, E-Commerce et all..

 We are not just about telecom, we are about communication; we are not just into the business of acquiring customers, we are committed to build and nurture relationships. We stand for growth and our aim is to meet each and every communication need of the customer by converging voice, data and image.

 Rainbow has many First’ to its advantage

  •  First to launch CDMA mobile commercially in the Country

  •  First and Only operator in the country offering pre-paid solution on CDMA.

  •  First basic operator to provide complete Unified Messaging Services in India.

  •  First basic operator in Rajasthan to odder Voice Mail Services on fixed telephones.

  •  First company in the World to adapt CDMA technology for developing Mobile PCO’s for Physically Challenged Individuals.

  •  First private company to set up International Internet gateway of Rajasthan.

  •  First rural Cyber kiosk using WiLL in Rajasthan at village Kaladera.

  • First in the country to launch Virtual Telephone.

  •  First in the country to launch On-line billing optimizer on the net.


Innovation, technological advancement and provision of World Class services are the Hallmark of Shyam Telelink. Closely linked and warmly cherished are the social obligations that we have willingly set before us. Our various community programs substantiate this claim. The focus of our community programme’s has been on,

§         Chalta-Firta PCO’s. We have been nominated for the Helen Keller Award for our efforts towards providing employment to physically challenged individuals through Mobile PCO’s. The Mobile PCO is an innovative adaptation of WiLL, and is provided free of cost to the recipient.


§         Telecom Workshops. We regularly organize workshops for school and college students to introduce them to the World of Technology. These are used as a platform for Career Counseling and orienting more and more students to the Telecom sector.


§         Women. Functions felicitating and celebrating women and womanhood enjoy a pride of place at Shyam Telelink. International Women’s Day, Sawaan Utsava – festival of rains and various other events are created just to honour the fairer sex.


Progammes like connect-a-school and connect-a-hospital have been initiated to provide free phones for hospitals and schools. We proactively support those in need through technological aids &  social activities like blood donation camps etc. And this is just a humble beginning….


Rainbow Delights


An end-to-end Unified Messaging Platform launched for the first time in the country. fonemail allows you to send and receive Voice  and Text Mails from your Rainbow phone, anywhere in the World. It has made communication convenient, economical and simply powerful….


Your personal assistant that manages your calls for you. It is a smart way to keep in touch since Voice Mail gives you all the features of an answering machine and much more….


A unique phone service that allows you mobility within city limits. It  is an inexpensive and affordable way to get mobile since it gives you a reprieve from high airtime tariff and huge bills.


Call Conferencing, Calling Line Identification, Dynamic Lock, Do not Disturb, Call Hunting for multiple lines etc. help you manage your day better. Astro on-line, Flight on-line etc. Services where a simple 3-digit number connects you to the desired service and also get you discounts. Attractive Tariff Plans that help you get maximum value from your Rainbow phone and reduce you bills .



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