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 Lease Line

Lease Line provides a point to point connection for voice, data, Internet and video communications. It is a totally secure, high-speed connection that is dedicated to your use for a fixed monthly fee. It offers national connection at a range of speeds to meet your particular needs.


  • High speed and high quality connection
  • Always-on connection
  • Point to point communications link
  • Ideal for high volumes of traffic
  • Fixed monthly fee, regardless of quantity of usage
  • Suitable for voice, data, Internet, and video communications
  • Available in a range of speeds, from sub 2Mbps to over 622Mbps
  • Scaleable service so as your business grows or develops, you can easily upgrade
  • 99.85% network availability
  • Guaranteed four hour fix for customers directly connected to the Kingston inbusiness network


  • Lease Line can be used to transmit any kind of communications traffic
  • Costs are simple to manage with a fixed monthly fee that is not affected by usage
  • Secure and private communications because Lease Line is dedicated solely to your use

Enables geographically separate sites to work as one organization

Leased Line Internet Access

Leased Line Internet Access offers dedicated, permanent access to the Internet for a fixed monthly fee. It includes bespoke and standard security options and a range of value-add services so that your business can harness the many benefits that the Internet has to offer, from e-mail communications to providing an online service for your customers.


  • Permanent connection to the Internet via a dedicated leased circuit
  • Available in a range of speeds from 256kbps to 8mbps
  • Domain Name Registration included
  • 4 IP addresses
  • 1 broadcast IP address
  • Network Address Translation Service
  • Standard and bespoke security options
  • Fixed monthly fee, regardless of quantity of usage
  • Flexible e-mail service, ideal for organizations who do not run their own mail server
  • 99.85% network availability
  • Guaranteed five hour fix for customers directly connected to the Kingston inbusiness network


  • Your Internet connection is 'always on' so you don't have to wait for a dial-up connection every time you access the Internet
  • Costs are simple to manage with a fixed monthly fee that is not affected by usage
  • Web pages download quickly with fast, dedicated Internet access
  • Peace of mind that our experts will advise you on the most appropriate security solution

A leased line provides dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity between your company's LAN and the Internet. Leased lines are available in 56Kbps to 1.5 Mbps bandwidths. It's an ideal solution for companies with high-volume connectivity applications, like Web servers, active networks, large data and file transfers, and multimedia.

What is Broadband Internet Access Service?

Simply speaking, broadband Internet service is offered in ADSL (Asymmetric Dedicated Subscriber Line) technology. By making use of a telephone line, and with the installation of ADSL modem and splitter, customers are able to serf through the Internet world with very high speed, as well as to enjoy voice communication at the same time. Besides, with speedy access you can also carry out a wide variety of multimedia applications like distant learning, video-conferencing, videophone, distant clinic and VOD services, which enrich your life with broadband network.

 Characteristics :

Efficient & Effective Data Transmission : Offer you with asymmetric transmission service, with download speed ranges from 512Kbps to the highest 6Mbps and uplink speed from 64Kbps to640 Kpbs

Easy & Simple Installation : Only you have a telephone line, and with the installation of ADSL modem, you can get connected to the speedy, convenient and always-on ADSL broadband access.

Multimedia Applications : No matter it is for business or individual user, ADSL broadband access is available for you to have both voice & data transmissions, as well as interactive multimedia applications like distant learning, Internet game, VOD and video-conferencing etc.

Ease to Upgrade : Without any change in client CPE set-up, customers are able to upgrade their broadband network at any time they request.


Who need it ?

Business Users:

        Large Corporations for back-up/ redundant use

        VPN network for companies subsidiaries/ agents for database access

        Retail outlets inter-connection/ centralized data access

        For start-up business and  LAN application

        Education, government units and communities for internal communication or Internet access


Mass Consumers:

        Heavy Internet users for online game and other multimedia applications

        Hi-technology trend followers

        Existing dial-up users for more advanced and upgrade service




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