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Tata Elxsi Placement Paper


Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 27 July 2007
Test Location : SRM Engg. College, Chennai


Company : Tata Elxsi
Date : 27th July 2007

Hi, This is Sankha Ray. Pursuing M.Tech in Computer Science in SRM Engg. College, Chennai. On 27th July Tata Elxsi conducted placement recruitment on campus. It is an Electonics based company..Go through its wesite www.tataelxsi.com to get detailed knowledge about this company. Nearly 400 students appeared in written test,conducted by Meritrac. The test was 100 mins, 100 marks,100 ques.
4 sections.

1. Verbal: 20mins 25 ques
Articles, Prepositions etc..dead easy.
Reading Passage..

2. Aptitude: 25 mins 25ques
Go through R.S.Agarwal.
a) problem like.. + replaced by /, / replaced by -,...
b) $ represents 1, * represents 0...
c) Venn Diagram..6 questions
d) Cube Problem..5 questions..
A cube is divided into 125 pieces.. then four columns are removed then coloured all side black.. ans this ques..
i) how many 0 side painted cubes? 27
ii) how many 1 side painted cubes? 30
iii) how many 2 side painted cubes? 32
iV) how many 3 side painted cubes? 16
V) how many 4 side painted cubes? 0

3. ATTENTION TO DETAILS.. 25mins 20 ques.
Go through R.S. Aggarwal..
problem like..
i) represents if options A is true.
ii) represents if options B is true.
iii) represents if options either A or B is true.
iV) represents if options neither A nor B is true.
V) represents if options both A & B is true.

Problem : Some text.....
A) Some text.....
B) Some text.....

4. Technical .. 30 mins 30 ques
Questions about C, datastructure, digital elecronics.micro procesor,
Out of 400 only 130 stuents cleared the test.

They announced this day itself they will call Electronics and circuit based branches.. next day on 28th Computer Sc, IT have to come..
So my interview was on the next day..they were concentrating only on Micro Processor..So i studied micro processors basics..

Remember this is the main eleminating round..My interview was at nearly at 6pm. I was waiting since 9am. I entered into the interview panel.
Only one person was there in the panel.. He told to sit down..
I was fully confident that day, i dont know why?..but my confidence help me a lot to get the job..he asked my resume..
I wrote my tech.skills as C, Php, Java, etc.. that persons asked me all the basics about only C..i was very lucky..bcoz i am strong in C..
questions like..
a) deault Access specifier of struct & class in C++.
b) difference b/w struct & class,
c) NULL pointer.
d) structure padding..(i didn't answered)
e) dangling pointer...(i didn't answered)
f) storage classes..
g) static & auto
h) array, linklist, singly linklist, doubly linklist.
i) advantages of doubly over singly linklist.
j) define DBMS.
k) SQL query.
j) diffrence between star & ring topology..
l) what will be the output..
#define MAX 100
void main() {
printf("%f", MAX);

I cleared the interview.. dont think that all the questions will be asked as simple as i had..thats why i already said i was lucky..other students was asked difficult ques..like Micro Processor, Digital Electrnics..etc..

Amoung 130 students 40 students cleared the Technical interview..
then i went to HR.
these questions were aked to me..
1) why did u get less marks in 10 & +2...
2) why are u pursuing MTECH?
3) what u know about TATA Elxsi?? here i suggest u go through the site and gather what ever info given there in a brief way. listen carefully to their Pre Placement Talk(PPT). try dont to stop till they fire another question to u.
4) what package we are providing?
5) Do u know about the bond? there is 2yr Bond.if broken we have to pay 3lakhs.
6) have any problem with that?
7) parents will agree with the relocation of job?
thats all

He (HR) give me a form to fill up and to be submitted to him..Again they told ur short will be short listed again..they announced my name. 24 stuents were selected totally..Training 3months in Bangalore..


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