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Tata Elxsi Placement Paper


Hey guys,

i m Ankit khare from Truba institute Bhopal. On 6th March i got selected in TATA ELXSI open campus drive. The written test was as usual conducted by merittrac having 4 sections,

1.Verbal (RC,usage of articles n prepositions n correct trenses)
2.Attention in detail (biggggg nos n u need to find exact match frm the 4 options, and a lot questions on $ @ types....i.e. if 1=$ n 0= @...that
3.Analytical Ability( NOT A SINGLE R.S typesss questions!!! typical LR portion,like Venn diags,selection questions,Cubes questions,age questions....not tough one's)
4.Technical section(I m frm CS so in my ppr,there were questions frm C/C++,O.S,DATA com,1 frm CG n few frm god knows where! the questions were not tough but it was like u can come down to final 2 options but it was really difficult to decide d rite one out of two...no need to go into depth of subjects for this section,but be sure of only basics..questions were like:

int n=10


int n=20


will this n be global or local...

in O.S questions were on kernel,debugger n i m not strong at that part.... Data com was really easy...direct question on OSI model... 1 question was from DCS...some logic gate question.. i can recall only this much rite nw....

rest for written u can refer to previos papers bcoz d pattern was same....no -ve marking...u better refer to www.meritrac.com, u can find the topics of types of questions.........out of 700, 90 cleard this round n i was one of them :)

Next day was interview day:
TATA ELXSI is known to eliminate students frm tech interview...i was asked to make a no of programs frm C/C++ like call by refrence progs,link list,doublyy link list deletion,stack pointers,i m strong in programming so no problem till here...then he asked questions frm O.S,but not ny theoratical questions,he asked in a very general way,like wat did u learnt frm WinXp,wats d benefit of UNIX n LINUX over Win..etc....then frm data com,TCP/IP n hw it is better than OSI,again not a theoratical answer he asked fr my opinion,similarly frm DBMS,NOTHING FRM CG.....etc etc then he asked me to wait outside....after 2 min he came out n said.."Ankit,move fast for the HR round :)"  .the tough part was over

2 ladies took my HR n i was very comfortable within 5 min,although the questions were typical HR questions like descrive urself,justify ur objective,ur strengths.....etc etc ....but it was more like a talk b/w me n HR rather than interview....she finally asked ny problem in moving to Bangalore,told me abt d 2 yr bond....then she finally stood up n said "Congratulations Ankit,U r selected,now u r IN TATA ELXSI" n then she gave me a form to fill up....:)

Out of 90 ppl, they took only 16 ppl.its not like it depends on their requrement,they r actually looking for quality...if they'll find that in 700 students they'll take them all,but they wont compromise wit wat they want!

Best of luck



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