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Persistent Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 28 March 2008
Test Location : MSIT, Kolkata


Hi Friends... Our test spanned for 2 days (28th & 29th)
Package offered : 3.0+ ( around 3.2 to3.3 /annum while joining)
2 technical apti +2 technical interview + 1 HR interview recuritment drive was for two positions

1. Development : for CS/ IT/ MCA
2. Testing: for ECE/EIE/ Electrical

total no. of candidates: 1000+ ( it was a pool campussing; 12 pvt engg. colleges participated)
selected: 17 (10 from development; 7 from testing)

Develpment papers were completely different from the first aptitude. I am from ECE, Techno India college of Technology ; Hence concentrating on Testing ... day 1:- 1. General Aptitude ( MCQ): total 30 questions time: 50 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude (15 Q) ( r.s .aggrawal..some tricky questions...)
C Aptitude(10 Q)( exploring C...cracking I.T. interview TMH)
English Aptitude (f.i.b)(2 Q)
Probability question(3 Q)

2. Written Aptitude (Quality & Testing)
this section is completely different; no references are useful; you have to be very innovative;... they judge mainly on you approach and rough work...
2 questions 1 hr : 1st Questions :

An LIC company has 4 clauses (I forgot the clauses)...you have to construct a C function module or devise an algorithm to accomodate all
the clauses effectively....This was only one part of the coin... the 2nd part of the question was to analysis the feasibilty of the algorithm.. i.e. you have to give atleast 3 invalid input and devise what type of output should my program give...and reason why used this invalid input as a test input...

Similarly, you have provide atleast 7-8 valid test input, coresponding output and valid reasons.
2nd Questions:
A puzzle was given...21 conditions...36 (6*6) empty cells...all cells to be filled by no. from 1 to 9 ,all numbers can repeat 4 times...one condition for example is that a single no. can't repeat in its just neighbourhood cells(row wise,column wise or diagonal wise) Tips: Don't panic...do enough rough work analysis...again repeating ...they study only your approach..

Day 2 :
1st technical interview ( a 2-member panel; a friendly gentleman and a friendly Lady) (about 20 mins) tell me abt yrself Questions on 2nd Aptitude test...inquired on our approaches difference between *++i and i++* no. squares in a chessboard (204...think carefully...it is not 8*8=64) swap two varibles without using third variable some more puzzles what do you know about software testing? what is unit metric

tip: they don't look at your outer looks ....they only judge your technical ability...never say "I don't Know".....always go for the question
and spend time analyzing the questions....It is NOT necessary to correctly deduce always the right answer..but everytime try to logical reason your approach to the panel...

2nd technical interview (a single person..a bit serious but encouraging gentleman) (about 45 mins) tell me abt yrself list some of your core subjects write a program to swap two variables without using third variable ( lucky to get the same question) wap to test three co ordinate are in same line write a program to arrange 1 to10 integers in ascending order explain some sorting algoritms using a number array 3,4,5,8,1,0,7 ( I explained Bubble sort, selection sort, and quick sort) which one of them is the fastest...why...what are their best, worst, and average complexities...give some disadvantages of Quick sort...why the best case of quick sort is of the order n*logn (with base 2).... now the discussion shifted to electronic questions....

what is modulation...
derive depth of modulation for am...
what are different types of modulation....
what type of detection is used in am receiver...why we use local oscillator...
what is the range of depth of modulation...
show graphically am..
what are different registers in 8085
8085 is 8 bit register or 16-bit register....( 8 -bit)..are you sure...then why...(data bus 8-bit)..interface a rom and a ram to 8085 microprocessor clearly indicating CS (chip select line),rd and wr lines and data bus

Hr interview:
the interviewer was standing ...I was seated...(i felt a bit awkward and embarrassed and was trying very hard to hide my nervousness)
tell me about yrself
why persistent
how was our testing procedure
what are your professional goals
do you have any questions?
tell us clearly your present corresponding address ( later ,after selections, they told that they will post the offer letter to the same address)

That was it guys...a grueling but exciting session...I was not thinking about get selcted or rejected...just focussed on clearing each and every round...this attitude helped me a lot...deliver your best, prepare for the worst.....enough gyan doses.... chill out guys....

See you at Persie, Nagpur...

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