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Tech Mahindra(MBT) Job Placement Paper


Hello friends, I sat for tech Mahindra test on 14 July, 2008.They showed a nice video in their presentation. After then there was an online aptitude test. Don't worry they will provide all the instructions. Aptitude test was consist of 6 sections.

1> Non verbal reasoning(35 questions)
2> Verbal reasoning(25 quesions)
3> Quant section(15 ques)
4> English-I consists of fill in the blanks,preposition,etc(10 ques)
5> English-II consists of synonyms,antonym(10 ques)
6> English-III consists of comprehension reading(10 ques).
In all we had to complete 100 ques in 60 min. No negative marking. But sectional cutoff is there. So time management is very important. First try to attempt three sections of English in 15min.Then attempt non verbal reasoning for 20 min. Then go for verbal and quant in remaining 25min.Don't try to attempt all questions. Instead try to clear sectional cut-off first. Then go for remaining ques. Sectional cut-off is not fixed. During my test ,it was about 60 ques. I attempted 98 questions. After the test results were announced. Out of 62 students 16 got selected. Then came technical round .My technical round was very easy. The questions asked were:
1. Tell me something about yourself ?
2. What is normalization?
3. What are the different types of joins ?
4. What is the difference between HTML and DHTML ?
Then he asked
Q. Do u know how much u have scored in aptitude test?
Ans: I told no
Q. Suppose if I would give u 1 mark for each correct answer and no negative marks for incorrect one, according to you how much u have scored in test?
Ans: (There came a thought to me that whether I have topped in aptitude or what? Because if u will top in aptitude then interview becomes formality) I told 75

He told ok. Then he said thank u
Within few min results were announced I got selected for HR (Out of 16, 12 cleared technical round)
When I went for HR round ,interviewer asked me
Q. Do u watch movies?
Ans : yes
Q. Which is the latest movie u have seen ?
Ans: Jannat
Q. Explain the story of jannat in 2 min ?
Ans: I explained the story in 1 min, but he insisted me to explain in 2min.So I extended my explanation. (I was less confident during explanation)
Q.Give me 2 reasons to reject you
Ans. I told weak communication skill and second I don't know

Then he told do u accept your communication skill are weak
I told yes
Then he gave me a form and asked me read this form ,if it is acceptable to your mind then sign on it.
I did. He said thank u
After then results were announced out of 12, 9 cleared finally .I was one of them

1.Accept your weakness if u have
2.Don't sit for passing the test instead try to top in the test

Best of Luck


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