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Hey guys, I’m Nikhil Unnikrishnan from Terna Engg. College. I got placed @ TM on the 21st of March. This time they r out wid a package of 2.9lacs. Let me first of all thank freshersworld.com for helping me out wid the preparation style n believe me guys, crackin tech mahindra is not a tough job.

We did not have an online exam for the aptitude. Apti had a set of 75Q which r to be solved in 60mins. It consisted of 5 sections:
1)Verbal & quantitive
2) Verbal, Nonverbal
3) Appropriate preposition & words
4) Fill in the blanks(English)

The verbal sections were really easy. Don’t waste ur time in preparing 4 these. It took me just 15mins to solve the 45Q of these section.

The quanti part was really tough. In the remaining 45mins, I could solve only bout 15-20Qs. Try n solve Shakuntala Devi puzzles for these. Lso don’t ignore R.S.Agarwal. As there wasn’t negative marking, I blindly answered the rest!!!

The results were put up in bout 20mins n out of 80 students, 36 were selected. Then ftr about an hour, v were asked to fill up a form n thn v had our tech interview.

I was asked 24Q in TI n I had to face the interviewer for bout 30mins!!!!!!!
The questions were:

  1. Introduce urself.(Ans. Name,.., I play guitar, keyboard n mouth organ,...,blah blah)

  2. U seem to be musically inclined!!!

  3. Subject of sem 5 that u like.(Ans. Microprocessors)

  4. Draw the architecture of 8086 n explain it in 90 secs.

  5. What is BIU & EU?

  6. Where is the memory module?

  7. Have u learned computer networks?

  8. Tell me whtz LAN n WAN. Give examples?

  9. What othr subject did u like in sem 5?

  10. What do u study in DCOM?

  11. Tell me whtz multiplexing?

  12. Explain TDM

  13. Explain FDM

  14. How will u decide as to whn FDM or TDM shud b used!!!

  15. Who according to u is the best guitarist in the world n why?(Ans. Steve Vai)

  16. Who is ur favourite keyboard player n why?(Ans. A.R. Rehman)

  17. Y shud TM hire u?

  18. ur strengths(Ans. Leadership Qualities)

  19. U expect to b a leader in d first year itself?

  20. ur weaknesses n how do u overcome it (Ans. Frustration,…, overcm usin meditation(gr8 joke))

  21. What is ur goal?(Ans. To become a s/w analyst)

  22. Whtz d work of an analyst?

  23. I do d work of an analyst, but I’m a project manager!!!(Ans. Terminologies do differ)

  24. How do u come to college? How much time does it take?

Just note dat they just want to test ur communication skills….Moreover d interviewer was frm EXTC n knew nothing bout programming, automata, etc…… (Dats my pure luck.)

After this v had a PI round (just a formality). The questions were d same like, intro, strengths, y TM, what did u learn frm d presentation?
After 20 mins, the results were out n 30 were selected frm 36.

Hope dat u find my experiences really useful… Hope to c u at TECH MAHINDRA!!!



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