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Hi Friends I am PARVEEN JINDAL from Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology Murthal Haryana. Tech Mahindra visited our campus n I was one of the successful candidate. Before telling you all about the whole procedure I want to summarize the results of our college




AFTER HR – 32…..


So frnds first of all about the Written Exam there will Be 5 Sections:


2 sections of verbal and non verbal :

Questions like find the missing term ….series completion ….some logical reasoning questions ( consumes a lot of time ) ….do all from R> S AGGARWAL verbal And non verbal   consume your time efficiently here ….


3 sections of English :

General fill in the blanks like prepositions and verbs ….

Easy synonyms….

N a reading comprehension part ……

This whole section is a bit easy one but prepare these prepositions n verbs ….


Now the biggest thing there will b 75 questions in 5 sections n time is 60 minutes….

So please take care of your time ….n 1 more thing they told us no negative marking but people who attempted a limited questions right were selected but who attempt all ques with some guesses were not selected so now you have to decide what to do ….but if u take my suggestion then just do only those questions where you are sure  ya u can also guess but upto a limit …n 1 more thing there is sectional cut off …..

Now lastly for written part I will suggest you to do some prep from R.S aggarwal no need of tension …

After the written exam I was one of successful candidate n I was called for technical interview which was like this …


Me: enter the room n good after noon sir …

Int: good afternoon have a seat .

Me : thank you sir with a confident voice .

Int : ok Parveen tell me about yourself  your background…..

Me : told in brief …in end I said my mantra for life is keep moving ..

Int :keep moving from 1 company to another ( a little smile on his face )

Me : no sir n give my answer wid smiling …

Int : ok parveen y ur percentage in class 10th n 12th are low ..

Me: coz of my way of presenting the answers sir but now I have improved a lot …

Int y there is a gap of 1 year …

Me : explained the reason

Int : ok tell me about ur game which I made in C..

Me : I explained him briefly …

Int : ok do u know pointers to link list …

Me : no sir  it was not in our syllabus ..

Int ok can u print fibbonacci series recursively /?

Me : yes sir n made a programme on paper…

Int : ok do u want to ask anything ?

Me: sir u have cleared all the quaries in ur ppt still I want to know about our training …

Int: explained n said ok thank you Parveen Jindal me : with a firm voice thank you sir …


AFTER some time result was declared n again I have cleared the second step also …Now my friends told me there is nothing in hr just 3-4 questions like Describe yourself , ready for bond, ready for salary , relocatable … N  I was pretty sure of my success n wait a lot for my hr call

Finally I was called for HR interview… 

Me: may I come in sir

Int : ohh Parveen plz   come have  a seat …( he was very friendly )

Int : ok parveen describe yourself??

Me : same answer again …

Int : ok which is your biggest achievement till now ??

Me : told about first 1st prize in game quiz..

Int : y gap of 1 year ??

Me : explained…

Int : if ur frnds have to describe you how they will ???

Me : again give some good points

Int: r u relocatable

Me: yes sir infact I love visiting places..

Int r u ready for bond n salary

Me : ya sir

Int : ok parveen wait outside your result will b declared soon …

Me : thank you sir …


Finally result was declared after 2 hours n I was selected ….

Friends I have tried to cover all the things in this experience n want to thank freshersworld for latest papers and exp  n also to my parents n My friends Happy ,Deshwal,viney,bhupi,mahinder,saurabh ,sillu  n every1 who motivatee   …

Last thing I want to tell if u know “C” lang then it’s  a advantage to u …N really  Tech Mahindra is waiting for u all guys so go n rock them wid ur knowledge n comm. Skills ….


“Best Of Luck “ to every aspirant 




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