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Hello everyone !!

I am in 6th semester. I gave my online test for Tech Mahindra on 18th feb’07 at OIST, Bhopal ,there was no negative marking as told by Tech Mahindra people in the ppt. Time allotted was 60 mins for 75 questions(35 in all in the first 3 and 40 in the last 2 sections). The questions were easy so the keypoint was “TIME MANAGEMENT”. Also, one section once attempted, we were not allowed to go back to it.


The paper was divided into 5 sections:

1.Paragraph (Initially we mistook it for reading comprehension but it was actually a sentence completion kind of a thing), for every blank we were given 4-5 choices and we had to select one from a drop down menu, they had correct form of the verb, tenses type of questions, that is basic grammar to be precise.

2.Multiple Choice Questions (Again ,since “multiple” choice was explicitly mentioned we thought may be we’ll have more than 1 correct answer for every question but we were surprised to see radio buttons and not check boxes, so take it as select one of the 4 choices given). This section had basic English again, if your vocab is average then you need not worry you’ll easily be able to solve all. Lemme give you an example about how the questions actually were :

Q : With which of the following words would you relate the word “shimmer”

a) Destruction

b) Water

c) Light

d) Fire

Also ,there were some more basic grammar questions here.

3.Fill in the Blanks :

Mostly prepositions and correct form of the verb questions.

4.Series completion of numbers and alphabets : This was a relatively tougher or you can say time consuming section. Practice from RS Agrawal Verbal reasoning. Also non-verbal reasoning, like which would be the next figure in a series of figures type questions were there (hardly 2-3 questions of such type)

5.Quant Aptitude and Logical reasoning : Quant was easy, practice from RS Agarwal, questions like :

Q :Two trains start at the same time from two stations 200 kms apart towards each other, they meet at a distance of 110 kms from one of the stations. The ratio of their speeds is:

a) 11:20



d) none of these

Logical reasoning was also not that difficult, questions like (sorry I don’t remember the exact statistics) There are 6 people A,B,C,D,E,F  in a family.D is the grandfather of A.E is married to the lawyer......there are 2 married couples in the family....etc.. Number of males in the family are :


So basically the test was not that difficult, the only thing to be kept in mind is that there was SECTIONAL CUT-OFF ( that is for English and aptitude separately) and we were not allowed to go back to the section again after leaving it once.


I was selected in the written and then we had to go to UITRGPV, Bpl for the interviews immediately.

Technical Interview : It basically depends on your luck that which “panel” you get. First of all make sure that you know exactly what you write in your resume. My file was checked thoroughly, also may be because I had a lot of certificates and the interviewer when he took the file from me said that it was very heavy (hehehe ;) ).Some people were asked typical technical questions, some were asked puzzles and for some it was more of an HR round.

I got through in the Technical Interview as well and was called for the HR round which was very short and sweet, the results would be announced today, so lets see whether I am lucky enough to be a part of Tech Mahindra or not.


All the very best to you all,




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