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hi,   MBT visited JNEC college on 12th of Feb 2007.Earlier it was scheduled to visit on 30th of Jan but its visit was postponed.

Its reporting time is sharp 9:00.first we had the  ppt and when i saw it i was really stunned to see its work environment and their campus.i was repenting that if i had studied or if atleast i would have come prepared then i would have got selected.

then i appeared for the apti. it consisted of five sections
1)logical section
2)Quantitative section
3)english section
4)english section
5)english section

yes there were 3 sections on english.they were from Wren and  Martin and a bit of them Barrons.The quantitative were from R S Aggrawal Quantitative and the logical were frm R S Aggrawal verbal and non verbal.They were very easy.we had a time of 60 min for solving 80 questions in all.

since it was computer aided test we were warned that if attempt a section twice then all the questions would be changed and we would have to solve them twice.

After the test was over we were informed that the results would be declared in 15 min.and soon they were out.i was the topper of the apti with 50 marks.then i was sent for the technical interview.the person was very good natured.they had questions like below.............

intro abt urself, what r ur sub of interest,and all abt C,C++,and all the details of the subjects of computer science like networking,operating systems,graphics,database,image processing..... .i was expected to know everything.then it lasted for abt 45 min.

then i passed it and i was sent for HR .they asked me abt problems regarding relocation and if i had any questions . then it was all over. and finally i got selected. so frnds just prepare and u will get thru it.

bye meet u at MBT.

Pratyusha D



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