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Hello frens, I'm Zamran from Bansal Institute Of Science and Technology, Bhopal.MBT came to Bhopal on 18Feb for on campus selection.My batch was on 19 Feb. There were three modes of selection thru which i have to go.
2.Technical Interview  
3.HR Interview.

There were 5 sections in the apti test.The apti test was on-line.The total time was 1hr. Once u cleared a section if u try to access it again then u have to solve a complete new section again.

1st part - quanti
2nd part - non verbal &logical reasoning
3rd part  - english grammer
4th part - english antonyms & synonyms
5th part - english reading comprehension

Paper was quite easy, English and reasoning sections were wonderfull, I can say I enjoyed solving Paper there. When result was decleared there was my name in list and also my best frens name, now we ve to face technical interview.

Our next phase was in RGPV, In Technical Interview they asked me technical +HR
1. Tell me some thing about your self.
2. U have good academic record through out, Why less in 12th.
3. Operating System
4. C/C++
5. Oracle queries.
6. I mentioned in my resume that I knew Urdu, He asked me to translate "ULFAT" in english.
7. He asked me that u ve mentioned that u got prize from Doordarshan for GK it means Ur Gk is good, I smiled.

then he asked ok tell who is (Some post) in Military. I replied I dont know, and I said "Sir Actually when I got this prize I was in 8 th class". He smiled and said Ok tell me when u were in 8 th class who was there on same post. I literally start laughing, and thought what he asked.. He understood that I m not knowing that, so he changed question and asked me Ok zamran tell me "who was President Of India when u were in 8th class" I just gave a Pause, and answered Mr. Dr. Shankar dayal sharma... He said Ok.

8. He asked me a puzzel. I answered well for all questons..except GK one.... (I thought they were checking confidence, attitude, how quick you react for answers) When the result of TI announced, i got selected and again my best fren got selected with me. now both of us have to go for HR in same pannel.

When we went there and waitng for turn to come.. My fren went for HR before me: His HR was of 5 min they asked him

1)Tell me something about your self.
2)Speak 2 mins for mobile
Then  It was my turn for HR:
My HR was of  3 min
they asked me
1)Tell me some thing about your self
2)Your weakness.
When we met outside we were worried that Y HR was so little, I thought either he want to take us without doubt. Or he dont want to take us so not wasting time on us..

Next day our result decleared and WE both of us got selected. Thanks to God... Me and my fren got Job in same company... As our Team work is great so I m sure we ll do great Job there in MBT...

According to me success = Mom's wishes + Luck + Smartwork (Planned) + confidence. According to me success is Journey not destination....

Zamran Husain



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