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Test was conducted on 19th Feb and it was an online test fully. We were made to answer on computer, everyperson was to create a new profile and feed data in it. Directions for How to fill the form were explained beforehand and people were present to assist as, so no problem.

The test comprised of 5 section. First section was of maths quantative, the level of questions was not very difficult, R.S. Aggarwal is more than enough. Second section was of reasoning and logic and it was quite easy too. The rest of the three sections were on english- like put proper verb forms, fill in the blanks and best fillting sentences options. It was more than easy, hardly 10-13 minutes required for last section even for a normal student.

Pay more attention on the top two sections, last three are quite easy.

I passed the test with 45 marks out of probably 75.Then i was called for technical round.(U must be properly dressed, yes u must be no excuse,u are going for something very important afterall).

me: may i come in sir.

him: Yes, yes come in sit.

me: Good morning sir, thank u.

him: So pankaj how was ur apti?

me: sir i did it with much concentration, it was easier than expected. Like that of US techology, where i failed to clear even apti.

him: so u have prepared well?

me: yes sir, after all i cannot take chances.

him: Ok, pankaj tell me something about u.

Me: I explained about me, my stength, weakness, nature and aim in 4 lines ,( yes don't drag things be precise and to the point they have to check thousands like u)

him: what is 99*99

me: i calculated and explained it, u have to use ur imagination not paper, he would give u time.

him:(looking at my cv) so tell me about the project in HTML u have refferred to.

ME; I explained it in 5 lines.

Him: (speaking in between) ok pankaj what is web server.

me: I explained.

him: Types of server.

me: ISS, Apache

Explain me the configration of Apache server.

Me: I explained him and he asked me the name of the main directory where all data is stored and where it is present on server.

Me: I explained to his question , in between i forgot about name of directory, he hintedme http.c and it came to mind and at once i said sir it is httd.config nad present at root.

Him: what is https, ftp, smtp and what are their port numbers.

ME: I knew port number of only HTTP rest i could not tell but explained him the importance of port numbers.

Him: If i throw two bolls on wall with all conditions same will they come back in the same time?

ME: for sure sir, it's like throwing same boll one after another.

Then he sent me, i bowed and came out. Remember be polite but confident in ur words.

After that i was selected for HR, it was quite a big number who were rejected by tech panel.(Two people were called at the same time)

Here is the peice of conversation i had with HR person.

HIM:Good evening pankaj

Me: Good evening , good evening sir.

HR: Ok, pankaj explain me about u.

ME: i explained him as usual.

HR: That was all others say, what unique u have.

ME: Tell him ur any quality with an example.

Couple of times i even denied agreeing with his ideas and i did put forward my points against them. Though i was scared that he could feel bad about it but finally i was selected, never hide urself they are very intelligent remember. When u will go there u will realise this. 

Pankaj Sejwal




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