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Tech Mahindra(MBT) Job Placement Paper


Hi! I am in 6th semester, EE. Tech Mahindra came for our on campusing on 28th feb. Eligibility criteria was 60% throughout academics.
It was my very 1st interview. Around 10 a.m., they gave a ppt first, then there was an online aptitude test. It had 5 sections, 3 on english & 1 on verbal & non-verbal each. No sectional cut-off, no sectional time limit, no negative marking.

Sections on english r pretty easy, n if u r a bit more than avg in english, u can make most of it like I did. U HAV TO PLAN & MANAGE TIME AS IT IS MOST CRUCIAL. Though they didn't declared the cut-off officially, U HAV TO SCORE AROUND 50 to clear the apti.
I was one of the 41 out of 198 who cleared the apti. Result was declared around 2-30 p.m.

Then we had to fill up a form and was called for technical interview serially. Technical interview was really TECHNICAL for CSE & IT guys!
It was easier for EC & EE guys, in fact 1 from each were asked only HR Qs. It basically depends on ur luck that who interview u. Make sure that u know exactly what u hav written in ur resume. Questions will be based on ur resume. Almost all were asked to write codes.
My turn came around 7-30 p.m. My interviewer was a lady. Qs were:
1. Tell about urself
2. Asked about family background
3. Whar r ur current semester papers?
4. U r from EE, so draw a circuit of a room having 2 lights n 1 fan
5. Ur ckt doesn't show direction of current, Why?
6. Why don't u connect lights in series?
7. Told parameters in ckt,n asked to determine othr parameters
8. What is the basic science in case of lighting of a bulb?
9. Why the color of light of CFL n streetlamps r different?
10. Suppose u r batting. While hitting the ball Newton's which law is being applied?

Surprisingly, I was not asked to write any code, or anything related to computers. So, be ready with basic concepts, n be ready to improvise ur answers. COMMUNICATION IS VERY MUCH IMPORTANT ALL THE WAY. I was almost immediately selected for HR round.
Be cool n confident n u will go thru it. 22 were selected after technical, i.e, 19 were eliminated.

I was called for HR interview at around 9-30 p.m.
HR: Well, what does ur name mean? God's favourite person? Then who can stop u?(hehehe)
Me: Hope so, Sir!
HR: Asked about school
Me: .........
HR: What is ur expectations at Tech Mahindra?
HR: Its been a long day, r u feeling tired?
Me: Yes, a little bit, but its OK..
HR: (Even before I finished) Look, this is ur 1st interview. Even if u r not selected for Tech Mahindra, u can make to bigger n better companies. But u hav to change ur attitude. In industry u hav to be always on edge, meet project deadlines. I can't afford to have a lazy lad like u there!
(I WAS STUNNED! We were in the campus for around 13 hours then. I just can't say after a l-o-n-g day that I'm thriving with energy. That sounds an out and out lie. I must sound genuine. I said I was tired but I could overcome it. That was the BEST POSSIBLE ANSWER of that Q at that situation. I felt I might have just lost it, but reorganized myself for the rest.)
Me: I'll remember ur words n change myself, Sir!
HR: OK, Why did u choose electrical as ur stream?
Me: ..............
HR: Electrical keno nile boloto?(hehe) (Repeated the same Q, this time in bengali)
(TRAP: Whatever language HR speaks, U HAV TO SPEAK ENGLISH. One fall in this trap n received the lesson of his lifetime.)
Me: Repeated my answer..
HR: Do u want to ask anything?
Me: If I'm selected, what actually will I hav to do?
HR: Coding..
Me: Will all the skill sets required be taught at training?
HR: affirmative nod of head..
Me: OK, Sir! Thank U!
HR: Wait for result..

Though that TIRED Q in HR, I was 50% hopeful to get the offer letter as the HR continued the interview for a fair amount of time after that n told me to wait n Tech Mahindra has a reputation for not eliminating in the HR.
Offer letters were distributed at 10-30 p.m. To my despair, I did not receive any. 18 were given offer letters, so apart from me 3 othr were also eliminated in HR. All 4 were from EC n EE....
I feel they prefer CS n IT guys over EC n EE guys!!!!

Key in HR: COMMUNICATION n CONFIDENCE. Be smart but don't be oversmart or u will be grilled! Keep urself cool, don't be aggressive during HR at any cost. One of my frnds became aggressive during HR and paid the penalty instantly.

Though I was eliminated in the HR, I feel it is only 5% of the procedure. If u clear apti n technical, u r 95% in.
Its more about smart thinking than anything else.

Apart from that, u need 100% LUCK ON UR SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel I was unlucky in HR; anyway, to reach so far in the very 1st interview was beyond my expectation n I almost made it... Hope for the best next time....................
Posts here helped me a lot, so I am posting my experience as well. PLZ CONTINUE TO SHARE UR INVALUABLE EXPERIENCES & PAPERS...........

Wish u best of luck,




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