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>(1) if a boat is moving in upstream with v1 km/hr and in the down
> it is moving with v2 km/hr then what is the speed of the stream.
> ans: 13 check the values of v1 and v2 are given
> to find ans (v+s = v1, v-s = v2 find the boat velocity)
> (2) 0.75 * 0.75 * 0.75 - 0.001
> --------------------------------
> 0.75*0.75-0.075+0.01
> (3) A can work done in 8 days
> B can work three timesfaster than the A;
> C can work five times faster asthe A;
> ans : 8/9 it is correct place blindly.
> (4) one answer is 200/3 % it is perfectly correct wecannot recollec
> the prob. so place it blindly.
> (5) A car is journied a certain distance in 7 hrs in forward journey
> in the return journey increased speed 12km/hr takes the times 5 hrs.
> what is the distance ans:210 it is perfect place blindly.
> (6) instead of multiplying by 7 to a number dividing by 7 what is
> the percentage of error
> ans we dont know but he has gived 14 18 25 andsome answers less than
>(7) x + 4 y
> ---------- relation between x and y is x/2y = 3/2 ie x = 3y find
> x - 2y ratio ans: 7 place it blindly.
>(8) a man buy a liquid by 12 lts and the mixture is of 20% liquid in
>then he makes it in 30% mixture then what is the % of liquid with
>(9) if a man byes 1lt of milk for 12rs and mixes with 20% of water and
>sels it for rs15 thgen what is percentage of gain
>(10) A pipe can fill a tank in 30 min B can fill in 28 min then if 3/4
>of tank can be filled by B pipe and after wards both are opened then
>how much time is required by both the pipes to fill the tank
>note: the values of A and B may slitely vary be ware.
>(11) on an item a company gave 25% discount then they get 25% profit
>if it gives 10% discount then what is the profit.
>ans: 30% it is correct place blindly.
>i will send the remaining problems if i get remembered o.k this section
>contain 29 questions.
>in fourth section.
>1. All chairs laugh.
> some birds laugh.
>2. some green are blue
>no blue is white.
>3 all scientists are fools.
>all fools are literates.
>only these questions see rs agarwal reasoning verbal and nonverbal book
>new edition asthe pagenumbers i already sended to you.
>ansers he changed slitely see.
>From two fig 6 questions regarding the
swimmers,girls,tennisplayers,tall and
>second one on politicians,graduates,parliament members, both questions
>are same given so mugup and go to exam and place blindly i already
>sended the page numbers in previous mail.
>series:(1) R,M,(..),F,D,(..)
> ans: I,C
>(2) (...),ayw,gec,mki,sqo ans: usq.
>(3) 1,3,4,8,15,27, ans: 50
>(4) 0,2,3,5,8,10,15,17,24,26,.. ans: 35
>(5) 2,5,9,19,37,.. ans:75
>these are the correct ansers place it blindly.
>the figure series which i had already send in the earlier paper is
>same and one extra qestion is their it is this type
> box type in side the box line and dot.
> this type see in the new edition rs agerwal a box is their
>in the answer so try for question in rs agerwal
> see rs agerwal for statements and assemptions questions.
>cut off will be around 30 out of 105 Bso place only the known problems
>place only correct problems.
>the above 35 questions aare enough to qualify.
>remaining questions if know exact answers then place .
>otherwise simply leave it.

5 mtechs got selected for int.& only one from chem. got the
job.Interview is personal.small software technical ques.about language.
(This is from IITM)
one to one negative marking is there.it is tough to qualify unless u
know the paper.totally there are 105 questions. 70 min.
three flow sheets------ 10 min.
sections are quantitative(23),analytical(about 20) ,series&venn
diagrams,logical(20) questions from a passage (about 10). time span for
each section is different.sit at the back so that u can turn pages if u
want.different colored papers are used.
for flow sheets
first one is relatively easy
1.u will be given conditions like
if a wins he gets 100 pts,if b wins he gets 50 pts etc
2.there is flow sheet& there are empty cells(4) at "yes' or 'no"
decision points.
3.for each cell 4 choices will be given which should be chosen by
following through initial conditions &flow sheet logic.
4.rem. -ve marking is there. no verbal questions.
rs aggarwals verbal& nonverbal book
pg. 254 pr. 53 to56(almost same)
246 eg.2
pg 104 exer.3a about 5to 6 series qu.are there.so do well
pg.354-355 8,13,
6th doubt
4 conclusions r there in all ques.
241 is doubtful
ans. to one quant. is 200/3 %
1.six persons will be there.
a,b, c,d,e,f
u have to match
conditions like,a is the last person to the victim alive,will be given
clues.so we can conclude that a is the killer.
this is an easy one .paragraph will be very big .don' worry
5 to 6 ques.
5 persons will be there.
cashier, clerk,buyer,manager,floorwalker(check in info. paper for exact
a,b,c,d,e will be their names.
conditions will be given&we have to match who is who
3 r women&2 r men in this
sample condition,
cashier&clerk if get married, b will be wise man
mrs.c husband has some business prob with manager
manager&cashier(or clerk) r classmates
etc. will be given
do quantitative qu. from back.....
data graphs on turnover,gross profit &net profit will be given&
u have to extract data from that &find out few ratios.(easy one)



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