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Mahindra Tech Placement Paper


MBT-Placement paper-2006-Kolkata

The written test was held at Heritage Institute of Technology,Kolkata, were nearly all collgs of Bengal sat 4 d xam.

The paper was divided into 6 sections.10min time was allotted for each section. u can't revert back 2 d previous section nor can u proceed 2 d nxt one b4 10min is over.This time schedule was strictly followed.
There was negative marking,1 mark is deducted for every wrong ans.So no chance of any guess work.

1st section : Quantitative Aptitude----- 12-16 questions were dere 2 b done in 10min. I answered 4.
2nd section : Reading Comprehension------ The passage was 2 b read in 7min.While reading u can't look at d questions........they r 2 b answered later in 3min.Total 7+3=10min
3rd section : Data Interpretation----- All types of graphs,pie charts,data tables etc.U can't attempt all in 10min....accuracy is highly needed.
4th section : Logical & Critical Reasoning------ contained all types.........R.S Agarwal can b useful in dis section
5th section : Verbal-Non Verbal-------
6th section : Mixed section----- some questions of Data Sufficiency,Analytical Reasoning,Series etc
Total 1 hour paper,10min allotted for each section. The key point is precision,accuracy & speed.It doesn't matter how many questions u answer bt how many u hav answered correctly is wat dat matters d most.

Nearly a mnth later d result was declared.From our collg 15-18 students from all the 4 depts( Electrical,Telecom,Instrumentation & Comp Sc) cleared d written xam. 3-4 days later GD,Technical & HR was conducted at d same venue.In GD dere were 15 students in each grp.In our group every1 spoke well & it was really tough 2 eliminate. 8 got selected. Our topic was Benefits of GD. 3 ppl were dere 2 conduct d GD. one was marking on attitude& bahaviour, the othr was marking on our way of speaking and the last one was taking note of our overall conduct. After 15-20 min of discussion we were told 2 stop & then they told those who still den wasn't able 2 speak 2 give their opinion. Last of all we were told 2 summarise.

Techical Interview consisted of questions from C & Datastructure.I was told 2 write a program on factorial both recursive & non-recursive methods.Questions from Control System and Machines(Dept subjct) were also asked.Since i was in 3rd yr & we r supposed 2 do Project in our final yr..........so no questions from project were asked.Bt i guess they would b asking dat if u r a final yr student. Lastly i was told if i had anythng 2 ask.This round lasted for 35-40min.

HR round was quite long.. around 50min.The person who took my intrvu made sure dat he left no stone unturned. I was told 2 do mental sums,solve a puzzle.GK questions were asked like the name of d governor of a state.I was asked questions 2 judge how much i knew bout MBT...............wat r d spcl features of dis company,wat is meant by CMM Level 5 grade,if im offered a job from state electricity board(since im an electrical engg) den wat would i do,d meaning of my name,why i chose 2 study electrical,why do i write poems(i mentioned in my cv) & wat is my latest poem,wat is d speciality of Bengal etc.Atlast he told me" It was nice speaking to you,Thank you".I thanked him & left d room much 2 my relief.The nxt day final result was announced.10 students from my collg were selected.......i was one among d lucky 10........i don't know regarding d no. of students selected from othr collgs.
I had received my Offer letter & a T-Shirt wit MBT printed on it.
I am waiting for my call letter. i'll b finishing my final sem in d mnth of June, 2006.



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