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At last! Oh I haven’t introduced myself --- Anjan Goswami (IT, 3rd year, B Tech) kalyani govt Engg College (K.G.E.C). Whenever I was reading this page I have always thought when will I be able to write at this column & yes it was 17th march 2007 when I got selected in IBM, BIG BLUE. I would like to express my interview experience as I think it maybe useful to them who have the same dream to be an IBM’er just I had.  

I was one among the lucky students of K.G.E.C & now I am giving the details: if interested read till last else skip.  

Appeared for Written: almost 170
Cleared written: 68
Selected: 39  

Initially they informed us that they are going to conduct GD but at last they haven’t but remember guys they have just started the GD tradition in on campus interview processes.  

1. Written test (Meritrac): 55 qs to be answered within one Hour & an essay to be written within 10 mins. (in our group essay topic was “chances of India in winning world cup”)  

For aptitude test, paper was easy but time consuming if u r not fast, there also exist overall cutoff (in our case it was 30+) & sectional cutoffs for only CSE, IT, MCA , MTECH students so consistency in each section is required.  

Section 1: English aptitude(article preposition, RC, Synonyms)
Section 2: quantitative aptitude
Section 3: analytical ability
Section 4: computer section  

For quantitative aptitude & analytical ability I will suggest to solve RS AGGARWAL (both) specially venn dia, mathematical operations, puzzle test, data sufficiency, binary conversion, direction test,time distance speed, profit loss, percentage problems. & for technical qs from Unix, DBMS, C etc  

Sorry guys I cant provide u the details of written paper as I was then busy in solving them.  

2. Interview: (my interview was mainly HR basis & it was at least 30 min long)  

Before announcing results the told us to gather in a room. One of them failed to find the room so I asked him “can I help u sir? He queried I answered then he asked my name after asking whether I am a candidate or not? & said I cleared the written!”. As I have scored too well in written (here I utilized my time management) so I was the first one who went to face technical + HR interview just after the fillup of forms so I didn’t get any time to prepare myself mentally & even to make myself fresh!  

Me: may I come in?
Ibm: yes (actually it was a 3 member panel- mr arijit, mr indrajeet, ms dola- she was also a pass out senior of our college)
Me: good afternoon sir, good afternoon mam. (I am still in doubt whether I have greeted them by saying good afternoon or good morning! )
Ibm: please be sitted. Thank u. they carefully observed my CV & other documents & ask to tell me somethibg abt myself.
Me: answered just like a river
Ibm: anjan u hav told that ur aim is get a challenging job & adding value in IBM. Please clarify?
Me: answered (think they were satisfied)
Ibm: but every job isn’t challenging?
Me: I will make it challenging. (With full confi )
Ibm: what do u want to achieve & how can it will be possible in IBM
Me: answered (just conveyed their motto & what ibm offers , listened in ppt)
Ibm: u have told abt ur strengths. What are they Where u have used it & how IBM will be benefited from this?
Me: explained.
Ibm: what kind of difficulties u have faced while organizing college fest?
Me: answered  
Now the madam started.
Ibm: u have told datastructure abt ur fav subject. Can I ask some qs from it.
Me: yes why not.
Ibm: what is datastructure, examples , diff bet Stack & Queue explain it. Represent stack by linked list, write the insertion routine by dynamic allocation technique.
Me: answered confidently & correctly
Ibm: whats abt C?
Me: I informed her that this is my fav subject but as C is a prog lang that’s why I have mentioned datastructure.
Ibm: why we use main? Why not multiple mains? If main is not declared what will happen?
Me: compiler will raise an error message.
Ibm: what kind of error message?
Me: I don’t know exactly but I think it will say main function not defined/found.  

Again HR continued  

Ibm: initially u will be trained in kolkata then Chennai. Any problem
Me: no sir I am relocatable any where in the globe.
Ibm: suppose clients are demanding a work in 24 hrs but it require 48 hrs ur approach as team leader?
Me: just conveyed for “customer satisfaction” I have to make it (initially strategy, tem building & pulling out best from them)
Ibm: as u have completed ur portion but ur peers are facing same problem.do u go for amusements? NO so what will u do?
Me: as I am also bearing the risk of IBM so I will stay to assist my collegues & for this reason I can sacrifice. (I was 100 % confident that my
answer really satisfied them)
Ibm: u told that ur hobbies are listening to music & singing. What kind of music u like to listen. What are the diff types of music explain when u listen them. If I give u an option to choose a particular type which one will u choose & why?
Me: answered.
Ibm: anjan would u like to sing some lines for us?
Me: I said why not. Sir do i have the permission to sing any hindi song & sang “koi hero ehaan koi zero ehaan koi bhi star hai koi bekar hai….(pkir bhi dil hai hindustani)”
Ibm: all of them smiled (for the first time I saw them to smile with me) & said its really very nice to meet u.
Me: I smiled & greeted all of them & said “hope we will meet soon”(for this god damn line that I had spoken there I was tensed till the result haven’t arrived)
Ibm: yes definitely we will disclose the result after 8 pm.  

That’s all Guys.lastly they offered us their T shirts IBM persons are really friendly u cant imagine their politeness & their behavior. IBM seeks students who have DEDICATION, INNOVATION, and TRUST. They require team workers so try to deliver your best cause my this kind of strengths have helped me a lot. BEST OF LUCK & hope “WE WILL MEET SOON in IBM”  

Special thanks to all the team members who are associated with this website & constantly trying to help us. Hats of genius.  




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