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The Tech interview-
Here they mostly check for your ability to code and your knowledge in networks.You need to be extremely confidant and be well versed in C or C++.

Your marks in C or C++ in written test plays a important role.Several of whom i know performed not that well in interview but had very good marks in that section.

Aricent written test mainly concentrates on your C strength.
Regarding the interview they mostly ask these type of questions
They will definitely ask u from ur area of interest.

if u have choosen os
Then read
-memory management
-process scheduling
-dead lock
-process synchronization

again from data structures
*linked list----very important.. they mostly ask u to insert and delete a node from a singly or doubly linked list...This they ask u even if ur area of interest is not DS
Trees also binary tree...
read all the sorting algorithms...

from networks
osi layer
role of each layer
protocols in each layer
*Router and a switch-Router works on network and switch on data link layer
Gateway...which layer does it work on..mostly all seven layers
gateway and firewall

Basics of networks is a must with out which its very difficult..
Then next is c programmin
They mostly ask u to code the linked list..
other things tat they often ask is string manipulation programs
like strcat,strlen,strcmp....
u have to write code to perform tat...
they also asked the different types of variables in c--external,static,local ,global...
Thats all..

Well aricent there is no standard tat they choose a particular question always. mostly in chennai these are the possible questions....They are not exhaustive..Usually some interviewers ask questions from all the subjects thats a rare chance..

Remember with out basic networks and basic C knowledge its really difficult to clear aricent....


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