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First of all I would like to tell u dat most of things depend on luck too…..


ALL QUESTIONS ARE OF OBJECTIVE TYPE. The paper was not tough enough but DS & C paper was a little bit hard.

After written exam in there was a critical incidence form filling round in which you’ll have to answer some questions but be sure that whatever u write u must remember at the time of HR interview. They will ask these questions.

After that there was a GI round (GROUP INTERVIEW… OR ….GROUP DISCUSSION)

IN this we had a group of 8 and that was divided into two parts & we had given a topic CIVILIAN AWARDS IN DEMOCRACY. Both the group got script –onr on favour & one on against & u had to b with ur team.(this is nt elimination round.)

Then after dat we had one on one interview. (TECH + HR)

MY INTERVIEW:- (they have your marks of written + GI)
A Beautiful Lady Interviewer….!!!!!

Me: good afternoon ma’am.
She: good afternoon have a sit .
Me: thank you ma’am.
She: so Gauravv u had done your exam by your own ??(cz I got good marks)
Me: yes ma’am coz there was no negative marking so I made some intelligent guesses too!
She: intelligent guesses !!(laughs)
She: ok tell me sth abobut yourslf
Me: blah blah
She: something more
Me: (a little bit more I told then my throat choked)
She: r u alright?? Do u want some water??
Me: no ma’am I m perfectly alrite,
She: ok ..(she asked a HR question “critical incidence”)
Me: ( told about contradicted cz I didn’t remember)
She: why r u telling me this when u haven't written here??
Me: o …sorry ma’am but ..(I was sweating ..a lot in AC)
She: what happened Gauravv??r u alrite??
Me: yes ma’am!
She: I think u need some water ?? just relax …b confident.. (then she called peon 4 water)
Me: (after drinking water ) sorry ma’am 2 make u uncomfortable..
She: oh !! dats alrite. Is dat ur fst interview?
Me: yes ma’am
She: why ? What abt TCS? Written clear nahi hua tha?
Me: ys ma’am (ws telling a lie!!)
She: ok just relax..b cmfrtable..and read these questions answers .i m coming within 2 min...(she went out f the room)
Me: (in heart of heart I was surprised ahat is this?? ..i read watever I had written in critical incidence )

After 3 min she came!!
She: have u read all these?
Me: yes ma’am.. (with a beautiful smile & confidently!!)
She: so now tell me …………..(the questions of Critical incidence)
Me: told…….every questions..
She: recently kaun si film dekhi hai?
Me: (shocked) the forbidden kingdom..
She: kaun kaun hai usme?
Me: jakie chan & jet li
She: who is jet li (confused)?
Me: ma’am he is a martial art based actor.
She: ok ok………I dnt watch dat kinda movies..
Me: (I was lookin her very suspiciously ….)
She: wat happnd Gauravv? Am I lookin like a Ghost?
Me: no ma’am …not at all..
She: then just calm down
Me: ma’am I m jst a little bit tense..
She: why?
Me: cz this ma first step 2wrds ma professional life…
She: ok den jst b confident .when I was giving my fst interview I was nt like u “ yaar” and u r a man boss….so be a man??
Me: Ok ma’am (smiled)
She:so tell me how much u know about C?
Me: ma’am just basic knowledge
She: program bana skte ho?
Me: yes ma’am (confidently)
She: factorial using recursion ??
Me: completed within a minute.. wrote and explained well…
She: ok so now string reversal without using lib func.
Me: wrote and explained well
She: (little bit confusd and askd ) r u sure ?? that this program will reverse a string?
Me: definitely…(confidently)
She: Ok “to bahar phle hi questions puch chuke ho??”
Me: what ma’am?? ( confused)
She: I think this program is wrong.
Me: ma’am this program is 100% correct..
She:ok ……..tell me about static functions?
Me: I began 2 tell about static variables…
She: I m asking static functions not variables?
Me: oops …I dnt know ma’am??
Me: ma’am the functions which r static?(smiling)
She:laughs…..ok how many loops r there in C?
Me: told with explanation.
She:difference between while & do while loop
Me: told with explanation..
She:ok …difference between Structures & unions?
Me: told with explanation.
She: ( gave me a page that has a prog on functions using recursion) what would b d output f dat?
Me: ( after analyzing ) no output will occur…as it’ll stuck in infinite loop…
She: check it once more…..it’ll give d output..
Me: (after checkin quickly ) no ma’am …no output will occur
She: u’re wrong
Me: ( she was tryin to confuse me ) not at all ma’am …and explained well
She: ok good ….( smiled)
She: ok….so hw r u in Data structures ?
Me: I’ve studied in last sem.
She: so wat are stacks & queue ?
Me: told
She: difference betwn stack & queue
Me: told
She: what is linked list?
Me: told with diagram of a node.
She: ok now single linkd list , double linkd list, & circular linkd list?
Me: told about single and double bt nt circular…
She: (then she explaind me circular)
Me: ok ma’am
She: so can u write an algo for circular linkd list for deletion?
Me: no ma’am I m nt good in algos
She: ok how insertion & deletion takes place in a queue …..with diagram?
Me: explained well
She: how much u r comfortable with networks ?/
Me: as I’ve studied in last sem bt m nt very much cofrtable wth dat ..bt u cn surely ask questions I’ll try 2 answer...
She: smthing about OSI 7 layer structure?
Me: told & exlplaind well with diagram
She: and wat is the diff. between TCP/IP layer diag and OSI ?
Me: told with TCP/P layer diag..
She: (she askd 4 more questions on protocols that I’d nt heard abt that)
Me: I dnt kno ma’am cz in ma next sem there will b another part of networks so I’ll definitely sharp my netwrk area.
She: if u r goin 2 join a software company den u ‘ll hav 2 work hard of your programming , networks, Data structures type f subjects……
Me: I’knw ma’am and I’ll definitely work on these particular areas..
She: ok so………..wat abt microprocessors
Me: ys ma’am I’ve studied in last sem too……dat was a quite interesting subject.
She: 8085 mp is of hw many bit mp?
Me: 8 bit
She: and 8086
Me: 16 bit
She: what are another difference betw them?
Me: explaind abt add and data bus lines..
She: what d LXI instruction does?
Me: told and explaind with example./…
She: can u compare two 8 bit no.s using program?
Me: I’ll try ma’am ( began 2 write a prog bt cudnt)
She: ok Gauravv any questin 2 me….?
( I think she was not expcting me 2 ask………but)
Me: yes ma’am…I know that I’vnt given my best in my first interview so I just wunt u 2 rate me as an interviewee and gimme some more suggestions 2 improve myslf…
She: ( lookin me as she jst got a electric shock) Gauravv I think u should rate urslf..
Me: but ma’am as an interviewer u know well dat how I’ve performed……so pleeeezz
She: first of all I’d like 2 tell u dat ur apti , ur knowledge is good enough but u’ll have to make urself more confident and the main thing is that ur programming skills r good but u should improve dat area too… “rest is all perfect”
Me: (I thought wat d hell has left) Ok ma’am I know that I’ve one whole year to study for all these particular subjects and I know dat I’ll definitely becm d master f d programming part by den..( ConfidentLy)……..& I’ll definitely work hard 4 my next interviews…
She: Ok Gauravv all d best( smiled)
Me: thanks a lot ma’am ( not smiling but with a expression f determination)



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