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Dr G R Damodaran college of Science
College Name Dr G R Damodaran college of Science
About College Dr G R Damodaran college of Science, affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and recognized by the University Grants Commission is a highly regarded co-educational institution offering Degree, Post Graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in Management, Computer Science, Travel and Tourism Management, Social Work, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Visual and Mass Communication, Commerce and International Business. It was started in 1988 and within a span of decade and a half it had registered exceptional progress. In 2005, the student strength was 2100 (1350 UG Students and 750 PG Students) girls constituting 42% of the total and gained wide recognition including the accreditation with 5 STAR rating by the NAAC (NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL) in Nov 2001. The College has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification testifying to the outstanding quality focus built into all its systems and processes. The College has been granted autonomy by the UGC from 2004-05 which enables it to frame its own innovative and relevant curricula and evaluation systems. The degrees will be awarded by the Bharathiar University.
Avinashi Road,
Civil Aerodrome Post,
Coimbatore - 641 014,
Tel : + 91 - 422 - 257
University Bharathiar University
Affiliations Accredited at the FIVE STAR level by the NAAC and ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Courses M.C.A ,M.B.A ,B.Sc. ,B.C.A ,Others
Course Details

UNDER GRADUATE COURSES (All 3-year programmes) S.No. Course 1 Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) 2 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) (general) 3 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) (e-Com Stream) 4 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) (Computer Applns. Stream) 5 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) (Corporate Secretaryship) 6 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc) 7 Bachelor of Science in Bio-Technology (B.Sc) 8 Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (B.Sc) 9 Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication (B.Sc) 10 Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (B.Sc) 11 Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) 12 Bachelor of Social work (BSW) UNDER GRADUATE COURSES (5 Year Integrated course) S.No. Course 13 Master of Science in Software Systems ^ TOP POST GRADUATE COURSES S.No. Course 1 Master of Business Administration (Full-Time) (MBA 2 Years) 2 Master of Business Administration (Part-Time) (MBA 3 Years) 3 Master of International Business (MIB 2 Years FT) 4 Master of Computer Applications (MCA 3 Years FT) 5 Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc 2 Years FT) 6 Master of Science in Biotechnology (MSc 2 Years FT) 7 Master of Social Work (MSW 2 Years FT) 8 Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MA 2 Years FT) 9 Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (PGDIB 1 Years FT) 10 Master of Science in Microbiology (MSc 2 Years) 11 Master of Science in Biochemistry (MSc 2 Years) 12 Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics (PG Dip 1 year) 13 PGDTM (PG Diploma in Tourism Management 1 Year ) 14 Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia Systems (PGDMS 1 Year FT) 15 Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics (PGDBI 1 Year FT) 16 Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (PGDTM 1 Year FT) SHORT TERM (NON UNIVERSITY PROGRAMMES) Under the umbrella of the GRD Institute of Career Development studies, the GRD Trust has organized several need based Part-time PG Diploma, Diploma Certificate programmes as enrichment / Value- added / skill development courses in sub areas of I.T., Management, Communication and Media as well as in Women and Child Development, Travel and Tourism Management, Bioinformatics, Agro Industrial Biochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture, Medicinal Plants, Advertising and Marketing Management, NGO Management, Guidance and Counselling, etc. Offered programmes are: S.No. Programmes 1 PG Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Management (PGDAMM - 1Year) 2 PG Diploma in NGO Management (PGDNM - 1 Year) 3 PG Diploma in Women and Child Development - 1 Year. 4 PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling - 1 Year. 5 Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics - 6 months ^ TOP RESEARCH PROGRAMMES (a) Advanced Studies & Research Research, development, consultancy and extension have been adopted as part of the mission of the College. Any institution, which seeks to pursue quality and excellence in education, has to engage in activities, which demonstrate and anchor the idea of knowledge as a growing living entity whose value lies in its applicability for development. The rapid development of facilities for Postgraduate study at the College in the decade between 1990 to 2000 set the stage for starting research programmes (M.Phil and Doctoral programmes) in the areas of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Management, Commerce, Social Work and Computer Science. These were started in 2001. Side by side, a growing number of members of faculty have been pursuing their own M.Phil and Doctoral studies at the College or in outside institutions on a part-time basis. Strong research interests have been developed in the following areas: (b) Bioinformatics Software development for Bioinformatics Information Service Networking, Databases for research, Protein Modelling etc. (c) Bio-Technology Molecular Biology, Environmental Bio-Technology, Microbial Bio-Technology, Tissue Culture, Cell Lines, Down Stream processing, DNA finger printing, Recombinant DNA Technology, Genetic Engineering, Endocrinology, Immunology. (d) Microbiology Molecular Biology, Soil Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Agricultural Microbiology, Antimicrobial activity of indigenous plants, molecular biology of economically important soil micro organisms, spirulina and other micro algae of commercial significance. (e) Management Operations, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, Competitive Strategies. HRD, Motivation, Industrial Relations, Finance, Capital Market, Impact of e-markets. (f) Social Work Women & Child Development, Child Labour, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Community Development, Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare, Reproductive health (g) Commerce & International Business Country studies, Consumer studies, e-Commerce, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Banking, Finance. (h) Computer Science Internet Programming, Parallel processing, Computer Networking, Multimedia Applications, Mobile Applications. (i) Communication Media Audiences, Media impact on Culture, Audio Visual Communication. Research Programmes M.Phil (FT & PT) Biotech, Microbiology, Management Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Social Work and Communication Ph.D (FT& PT) Biotech, Microbiology, Management Science, Commerce, Social Work and Communication

Phone + 91 - 422 - 2572719, 2576557, 2591863, 2591864
Website http://www.grd.org

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