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1 Downloading a Web Page Using Socket Class.
2 Downloading a Web Page and Displaying its Contents. (Different Method)
3 Program to develop a Multithreaded Server.
4 Program to develop a Mail Client in Java.
5 Program to develop a Web Browser in Java.
6 What are Datagrams and Sockets?
7 Server & Client in java
Description : Not Specified
8 Web Browser in Java.
Description : it will act as a web Browser
9 FTP Server and FTP Client (Complete Project)
Description : This is the implementation of the File Transfer Protocol in Java.The protocol is used for transfer of the file from remote system. To execute the program go through following steps:- 1.install F
10 HTTP Server in Java
Description : This is the implementation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol in Java.This program can be use as sever which is able to process requsts for HTML pages. To execute the program using LOCALHOST follow th
11 Network Interface/Adapter Info using Java APIs.
Description : Network Interface/Adapter Info using Java APIs.
12 Server Client project to get PC health of remote sever (Mini Project)
Description : I have created a socket4444 on a PC which I treat as a server. Now using my PC I am firing all system and DOS commands on the server and getting response of same on my PC.

Java Web Browser (Mini Project)

Description : it's very basic application.you can only calling a page and click links with it.i hoop, i will develop better more sooner..enjoy with it!!
Description : One of the best programs u will ever see!
15 A Simple Client-Server Multicasting
Description : NetConference Implementing 1-2-M Conference, Means One Server Responds to Many Clients. It Provides users about Basic Info about Netconference, Multicasting aswell as Multitherading in Java.


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