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1 Is it possible to change delays that affect appearing, keeping and disappearing of tooltip?
Description :
2 Difference between AWT and Swing
Description :
3 Why can not I mix AWT and Swing?
Description :
4 Program to create GUI for Bank Account Simulation.
Description :
5 server and client in java
Description : Server & Client in java
6 Address Book In Java
Description : Simple address book, that adds, deletes, manages, sorts, searches records.
7 Double Buffering In Java
Description : Nice Code for double buffering in Java.
8 Calculator Program in Java
Description : This is a GUI oriented Simple Calculator program.
9 Change the color of panel using PopupMenu.
Description : This program is used to change the color of the panel. If you selecting a panel it will show popupmenu in which u can select a color.The popup menu will show all the color except the selected panel c
10 Simple GUI Based Mathematics Check Prog.
Description : There are four options:- Addition, Multiplication, Substraction and Division. You can select any one.Type the correct answer in the textfield. Then click "Check" Button. If your answer is correct it
11 Bank Account Simulation (Mini Project)
Description : This project helps in maintaining and accesing the bank accounts
12 Window control in Java
Description : Here window will open as a result of executing program.This program gives a lot of detals of frame,panel etc in java
13 JOptionPaneDemo - creating dialog boxes in Java.
Description : I am submitting this code so that many aspirants can get some idea of creating dialog boxes in Java.
14 J(ava)editor - Basic Java Desinger(written with java) (Mini Project)
Description : It's a simple java designer.I'm goint to develop it.You can develop it too.Enjoy with it!
15 diffrent method of converting web page(html2text)
Description : This project helps to have text of any web page like A to Z Amazon to Google to Yahoo any one.
16 Server Client project to get PC health of remote sever (Mini Project)
Description : Server Client project to get PC health of remote sever
17 applet_web browser by other method
Description : The Programm will help to have other browser than IE or Mozzila or AOL or NETSCAPE
18 Relation Calc usually called as FLAMES (Mini Project)
Description : This Program is used to calculate the relation between a BOY and a GIRl that we usually play with a pen and a piece of paper with the name FLAMES
19 Benzene Reactions Editor Applet (Mini Project)
Description : This is a useful swing applet for institutions, who are willing to teach the chemical reactions of Benzene with the help of this editor applet...For any problem and suggestions mail me on my address
20 Traffic Signal
Description : Not Specified



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