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1 Program for counting no. of Chars, Words and Lines in a file.
2 Program for converting numbers in a file to corresponding words.
3 Program to check the input characcter for uppercase, lowercase, no. of digits and other characters.
4 Program to create GUI for Bank Account Simulation.
5 CLock CAN TAlk REALLy???
Description : Enjoy my CLock
6 Calling Windows Runtime Commands.
Description : Sample code in Java that would call Windows Runtime Commands
7 School Management System
Description : Program for Student Management
8 Example of JTabbed Pane.
Description : Not Specified
9 Calculator with both Standard and Scientific Mode
Description : This is calculator program. You can select either standard or scientific mode
10 Calculator In Java
Description : Not Specified
11 FileFinder Iterative Code.
Description : This Code Can Find a file Located any where in you computer(Hard Drive).
12 Prime Factorization (Mini Project)
Description : Here is the programm which factorizes the intger number.programm ask for the input if you enter the integer number 100 then the output of the programm is (2**2)*(5**2).Where "**" stands for exponent
13 Suso's Java
Description : Easy to read , Easy to understand code...
14 Program to implement Gregorian Calendar.
15 Use of Runtime Class.
Description :  Runtime class is used to execute the dos command as well as
running the other applications such as word,notepad etc.
This Example shows you how to send message to other machine through Javac
16 Set the foreground and background color to the text area.

Description : This program demonstrates the awt checkbox control and the layouts.

17 Hundred Year Calender(2001-2100)
Description : The program provides to search a dayis i.e monday or tuesday...... between 2001-2100
Please enter months in short form i.e
18 Travelagent
19 A Ball Moving round the window.
20 set the foreground and background color to the text area
Description : this program demonstrates the awt chechbox control and the layouts
21 This program can shows the relation between A boy and GIRL
Description : This program is designed on the basis of simple FLAMES & CALCULKATES THE NUMBER ...depending on this it will generates the result
22 Reservation (Mini Project)
Description : The reservation system code which register a passenger for differenct categories. this will also tells the current status of seats. littel programe but can be helpful in developing big applications
23 Text Editor
Description : It will create a new text editor like the notepad
24 copying a file
Description : this code lets one to copy one file into another with options like appending to a file or overwriting a file or creating a new file
25 Selection Sort
Description : Selection Sort that shows every pass
26 simple password creator
Description : this is the simple password creator used for mailing password to person who forgot his password
27 Shortest Path
Description :To find the shortest path using Breadth First Search Algorithm


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