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1 Program to generate Telephone Bill.
2 Program to generate Electricity Bill.
3 Output file generated in Telephone Bill Project.
4 Output file generated in Electricity Bill Project.
5 Program to calculate salesman commission.
6 my atm (Mini Project)
Description : It has login, amount deposit , amt withdrawal and report showing all your transaction
7 Project - Human Resource Management System
Description : This project is typically built by using COBOL as the programming language.It is built by using file concepts
8 Program for addition of two 3*3 matrices
9 Harmonic Series
Description : This program finds harmonic series for n:
1/1 + 1/2 + ... + 1/n upto accuracy of four decimal places
10 FIBONACCI series
Description : This program finds the fibonacci series upto 100 numbers.
11 Task for the day program.
Description : This project is used to assign tasks to resources in a company.
12 Sequential File - Health Care
Description : This program is written for Health Care for a company
employees. The Coverage limit is alloted based on the Cadre. The Cadre may
be EXE or JEX or NEX. The Write and Read operation are written in
13 Learn Cobol in a Day
Description : A simple Cobol Tutorial. Its very useful to prepare at the time of interview
Description : written in RM-COBOL 77 .. (OK with Cobol85) to implement a simple on-screen calculator



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