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1 ScreenSaver Password Cracker
Description : This code lets you know the Screen Saver Password. You can now know how they encrypt the password, how we can decrypt it.
2 Folder Protection Software
Description : This is a Folder Protection Software in C which is compatible with Win98,WinNT,Win2000 Server. Will not work on Win Xp. By this software convert your folder to Control pannel using protection option
3 overwrite virus coded in C
Description : It is a overwrite virus written ic C .When u run this program ,the program will overwrite all the exe files present in the current directory and the parent directory
4 Partition Hiding Software in C,
Description : This program reads partition table of hard disk and collect informations about the various partitions ,to hide a partition it changes the system id of that partition ,so that window will not show you
5 Get the computer pasword
Description : Use it for fun purposes.As soon as you run this source code,passwords of computer would be displayed..ALL the best
6 Stop double Process for start in C
Description : This programm you don't allow process to start! For example taskmgr.exe and calc.exe are stopped before it want to go. You can compile it with DEV-C++



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