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1 Showroom Database System - Project
Description : This Programme is basically a Showroom database base in which Entry of he car owners,cars,customers are stored in files and can be retrieved.
2 Video Library Management System (Project)

Description : Video Library Management System in C Language

3 To acess the dbf database files and maupulate from the c
Description : this program is a good database connectivity application in c
4 Railway Reservation System
Description : Its a railway reservation system's simulation. It takes 2 train Nos. 3143 & 3147
5 To Retrieve and manipulate .dbf files through c program (Mini Project)
Description : I had devloped this progarme during my training in Sixth semester B.E.(comp Sc.).this program effectively connects .dbf database files in the c program and performs various functions on it
6 Moving Ball (Mini Project)
Description : graphical show of moving ball
7 Medical record keeping system (Mini Project)
Description : This is used to kept the records of patients in any organisation.This project is based on Mouse programming in C language



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