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1 Stack implementation as a class.
2 Implementing Stack using Class (with constructor etc).
3 Implementing Queue as a Class
4 Doubly linked lists
Doubly linked lists
5 Graphs program
This is program for Graphs in Data structures(DFS)
solution of tower of hanoi
7 Matrics Addition
Addition of two matrices using a UDF(User Defined Function)
8 Employee Management Database System
It is basic program that deals with how to manage a database using C++ library functions
9 Stack With OOP and Exception Handling Concept.
Stack With OOP and Exception Handling Concept
10 Student Database (DBMS)
This is a programme which is really simple it only uses functions it is student database in which you can show the output in many ways. TO KNOW SOME SECRETS ABOUT THE PROGRAME MAIL ME
11 Do you want a diomond?
This is not a prog. to time pass,because it is a way to finding me as a idal friend,if you want to me mail me, but it should be touch my heart...
12 binary tree implementation
13 stack and queue implementation using arrays
14 Doubly linked lists
15 Quick Sort Implementation
The following is the code in which i have implemented Quick
sort(fastest sortin algorithm)Time Complexity-n*(logn)..
go thrgh the code and it is free for use.any comments abt the code are


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