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1 Find and Replace
Description : This will find all occurences of a string in a text file and replace it with another string. Multiple strings can be searched and replaced at the same time.
Parameters: [Filename] [String to searc
2 Replace Single Quotes
Description : This script will replace single quotes so the data is SQL-safe
3 Limit Characters in a TextArea
Description : This will limit the number of characters a user types in a textarea.
4 Count Words
Description : Counts the words in a string
5 URL or Email to Hyperlink
Description : Chanes a url or email to a hyperlink
6 Get Digits
Description : Get the digits out of a string
7 Convert a string to Hex
8 Check a string to see if it is Hex
9 Checks if a string is Binary
10 String Length - Returns string length
11 Credit Card Validation - Validates a credit card string
12 CStrCat
13 Highlight Word Function
Description : Search for occurances of a keyword in a string and highlight them, by either bold, italic or boli-italic
14 WraptIt
Description : This is a function to provide word wrap capability in your ASP pages.
15 parseoneline
Description : This subroutine takes in a long string, parses out one line at a time, and then calls a process routine to handle the line of text.
16 upload sniplet
Description : To parse the Multipart/form-data from Enctype submission
17 Parse and Pull domain
Description : This will pull the domain out of a string. Increase the length if you want to pull domains over 14 characters
18 Remove Comma
Description : Remove Commas from string
19 Colorize VB Script to display in a page
20 GetShortPath Function
Description : GetShortPath returns the DOS 8.3 equivalent of an entered path to a file or folder. There is one argument, sPath representing the path to translate to a short path. The path (file or folder) must exis
21 PrettyPath Function
Description : PrettyPath formats a path for use in user displays. PrettyPath is useful for trimming down long directory paths or abbreviating them. No attempt is made by PrettyPath to determine the validity of the
22 Root Function
Description : The Root function returns a string representing the root folder of the server
23 UnMappath Function
Description : The UnMappath function returns the virtual path of the absolute path specfied in the required argument pathname
24 cut Off
Description : This function allows you to control the length of a string. The function adds "..." to the end of an adjusted string to indicate that it has been truncated.
25 Breakup sentences longer than x Characters
26 Get Filename
Description : This function get the a the filename from a path with filename.
                       Example: c:wwwrootgaleryimageface.jpg
                       Return = face.jpg
27 Get Remote File (Get File From Remote Server)
28 INIreader
Description : This is a VBS script that will look for a item in a INI file. Comes in handy when you need to read INI files created by other applications. It's Read-only, no writing to INI files done here.
29 Proper Case
Description : If you've used ASP for a while you'll notice that VBScript doesn't support StrConv so you can't proper case your code. Here is small function to include in your ASP that will do that for you.
30 Random Pronouncable Password
Description : Create a random password that is pronouncable. This helps users remember the password easier and can come up with some silly words.
31 GetProcedureDef Function
Description : GetProcedureDef returns information about the arguments of a given stored procedure. It returns a reference to a Scripting.Dictionary object whose keys and items collections will be filled about data
32 Procs Function
Description : The Procs Function returns an array containing the names of all procedures in a database. There is one required argument, connstring which must be a valid OLE database connection string.
33 Recs Function
Description : The Recs function returns a long representing the record count returned by an SQL statement. There are two required arguments: ConnString and SQL. ConnString must be set to a valid database connection
34 Stop New Spam with ASP
Description : EXAMPLE USE
35 Remove Javascript from HTML



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