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1 Server Variables
Description : This will list all server variables in a page
2 No Cache
Description : No cache on client browser
3 Restart Session
Description : Restarts a session
4 List of Server Variables
Description : Each server variable in a function
5 Check local/internet IP Address
Description : determine if the remote computer visitor is local or external of your site and according to the case, for exemple redirect the user to the correct page...
6 Delete all cookies
Description : Use the cookie collection to delete all the cookies in the users browser.
7 Reading and writing cookies
Description : You cannot do much useful in the Internet world without writing a cookie to the users browser. This code shows you how to store a cookie and cookie value and then retrieve it using the response and re
8 VBScript Cookie/Counter
Description : Not only does this sample show you how to create a counter, but more impotantly, it shows you how to create a cookie, which in todays world is a MUST HAVE tool. Cookies are anywhere and everywhere, th
9 Complete working Basic Authentication
Description : This code shows your visitors the Basic Authentication dialog (or NT Login Dialog) It also returns the password and the username
10 Simple Login Security
Description : Use this page to verify your login page and to set a cookie. Then for secure pages simply add a script to check for cookie. This even sets different levels of acces in the cookie. To make it more secu
11 GetHeaders Function
Description : GetHeaders returns all headers sent to the current web page by a given user's browser. Get Headers returns a reference to a Scripting.Dictionary object. The Keys and Items collections will be filled.
12 Home made hit counter
Description : This example reads a number from a file, adds 1 to the number, and writes the number back to the file.
13 Set how many minutes a page will be cached
Description : This example demonstrates the Expires property. This property sets how long a page will be cached in a browser before it expires. If the user returns to the same page before the specified number of mi
14 Set a date/time when a page cached
Description : This example demonstrates the ExpiresAbsolute property. This property sets a date/time when a page cached in a browser will expire. If the user returns to the same page before the specified date/time,
15 Check if the user is still connected
Description : This example demonstrates the IsClientConnected property. This property checks if the user is still connected to the server.



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